Jan 16 - Guild Dungeon Frenzy - All night, All welcome


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Last week seemed to work out great; let's do this again. Let's get in and do dungeons and keep it going. Show up, state your presence, get in a group, and go. When you're done, hop in another group.

It doesn't matter if this will be your first dungeon run or 500th...just show up.

Please set up TeamSpeak if you haven't already!
Server: cgalliance.org

When: 9PM EST...or before...or after. Staggering groups means there will always be a team going/finishing shortly.
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Heh, left that out on purpose...all night, obviously! I'll (personally) be signing on sometime between 9 and 10 EST, but I'd hope folks are on earlier. I guess in my mind it's hard if we all show up at the same time - trying to organize what 20+ people want to do, getting them out of one group and into another one, etc...but if we're all staggered it flows more naturally.

I guess I'll stick with a very flexible 9PM EST.
Officers, also feel free to use guild upgrades and consumables in the guild stash! I probably won't make it this friday, as it's my last weekend before I head back to school, but I'll try and hop on in the morning and fire off some guild buffs, but if I don't get around to it make sure that everyone gets those added perks! :)
I think the open ended time thing is a good idea. Unfortunately, I don't usually get on until 8:00 or 9:00 Pacific. I do get to see you guys signing off for the night...lol.
Well I hope to use the opportumity to play with you then...will be on from 8 central until pass out
lol...well I'd enjoy being there when Volcanon goes afk due to operator pass out.
I dunno, there are a few of us, myself included, that have almost fallen asleep at the keyboard already.
i'll be online tonight, off and on. I have to work from 9pm to 6am. I'll likely be in guild wars some as well, in between computer tasks. Would like to attempt a dungeon but not sure if the schedule will allow it.
How'd it go this week? I wasn't able to make it online for any dungeons (got enough time to make my Mystic Claymore though :D). Good turnout? Good drops? Precursers? :p
Not as many turned out, but we did get 5x as many precursor drops as last week!
I'm super excited about this, just because I really like some of the dungeon armor... Sadly, I've been pretty busy the last few Friday nights (including tomorrow). Is this going to be an ongoing thing?
I don't see why not! Which dungeon armor are you going for in particular?