Jan. 13, 2004


[b said:
Quote[/b] ]When He was alone . . . the twelve asked Him about the parable
—Mark 4:10
Today's UTMOST

I've always found it interesting that while Jesus was alive, the disciples constantly had to ask Christ what He meant with the parables.  It shows exactly what type of people Christ choose to be His disciples, basically what we would refer to as 'Blue-collar' workers today.  What's more are these are not particularly smart folks.  Yes, they're people of the earth, smart in their chosen profession, but books-smart?  Not really.

Which makes the startling transformation after Pentecost all the more telling.  After Pentecost, all the disciples could out argue the pharisees on Biblical matters.  They often discoursed on fine and minute points of the law.  They UNDERSTOOD what the Bible meant.  They had book-smarts.

What caused this change?  Was it all the time spent with Christ?  Was the upper-room a library?  No!  It's just that while in the upper-room, they were 'alone' with God.  They gave God a chance to work a miracle in their lives, they gave themselves to Him.

As you go about today, remember that you alone can't solve the problems of the world.  You alone can't, and don't need to, 'know it all' (which is something I often struggle with).  You alone can't stop the suffering of all the people.  You alone, can't understand the suffering of all people.  But with God, when He shows you yourself, in others, in their suffering, in their joy, in their sin, and in the salvation, you can understand the suffering and misery of the world, because you start to realize that it's the same suffering and misery you were bondaged to before the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.  So today, let the Holy Spirit do His job.  Spend some time alone with God.  Let Him teach you about yourself and about Him.