I've done it...I've joined the Dark Brotherhood...

Dark Virtue

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That's right, I now have a Wii :)

I had to buy a used one since I haven't been able to find a new one around here at all.

I went out today and purchased the little doohickey that lets me connect to the internet with a wired connect.

It's pretty neat so far.

Anything I should know about or get off hand?

I have an extra controller and nunchuck so far, but that's it. I rented a few games and bought Zelda.

I'm not sure what I can really do internet-wise, so I'm gonna do a little research online.


I was at a mall a little while ago and the EB Games had like 3-4 Wiis.... just, sitting there...

btw, I like your xfire. "OMG! PONIES!"

Dark Virtue

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Hmm...what the heck is that???

Ah...I smell an April Fool's joke.

I also have the following games listed..."Work Commute: The Game" and "Barney in Hugtown".



Dark Virtue

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The sword control is pretty simple...you swing up, your character attacks up...you swing left, your character attacks left.

Trust me, you really don't want it any more complicated than that. It works perfectly in the game.