It's time to sound the drums...


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Got 10 free days to check out the game, I suggest some of you pre-WARers do the same. :p
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About Friday or Saturday I should be resubbed. Can't wait for more of that Slayer action. :)
Hey! Life issues are such that I've been logging in less to War. However, you have my IM so send me a message when you're on and we can schedule a time!


ps. I may have to take an extended break from gaming in a few weeks but I'll make that decision if I have to at that time.
" It's time to sound the drums...
wow, that was cheesy >_>
WAR is love smashed against your skull throwing you off a taller structure to your pitiful demise. But you respawn to do it all over again.

Keero, you have no love for the green skin :)D), so I am not coming back to take your tier 1 keeps, will be leaving all of those to those bearded hobbit friends of yours :p.
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Can post here again Strife when you resub, we'll see about adding you to the guild if you aren't already in.

And yes, it was supposed to be cheesy. :p
Decided to play Aion instead. Going to restart on Siel. I gave the "unofficial roleplaying server" a chance first, but can't quite get into it. Wish I could just transfer my characters over to Siel instead of starting over, but ah well. Whatcha gonna do?