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Well I'm finally done with my two classes, and after next weekend I'm going to have a good bit more free time on my hands. So it's definitely time to get the bomb rolling on this game!

[EDIT - this Sunday, December 16, I will be logged into TS starting around 9PM to assist players with completing character sheets. I will also run a mini-module if there are enough players with completed character sheets to run it.]

Starting on Sunday December 23, I will be running Paranoia on Teamspeak every Sunday through the rest of the year! Sessions will always operate according to the following schedule:

7:30 PM EST: Character building/Orientation
8 PM: Roll call
8 PM till whenever (not past 10 PM) - Gaming

I will always be logged into TS between 7:30-8 PM and will be prepared to assist players with character creation or questions about the game. At 8 PM I will begin a gaming session if there are enough players to do so - usually I will require a minimum of three other players. I will not hang around after 8 PM if there are not enough players and I will not allow anyone to be in the TS channel after 8 PM who has not created a complete character sheet.

After our first TS session I will be posting various in-game things on these forums. Keep in mind, this game will be played both through TS and via the forums, and players can choose to do just one or the other. ALL PLAYERS (whether on these forums or TS or both) are REQUIRED to complete a character sheet to play. There is already a thread on character creation in this forum with a link to the necessary character sheet and an instruction sheet that goes with it. And again, I'm available via TS or private PM to answer any questions about this game or how to get started with it.

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Tha's a good thing, though on the 16th we have caroling from our church so i wont be here...though, i am quite the veteran from text-based RPs, so I'll gladly take that one.
Turns out this Sunday isn't that great for me either...:eek: Should have checked my schedule more carefully. But I will still log in around 9PM (EST) to help people complete character sheets, and hey if we have enough people with completed character sheets at the end we might run a mini-module!

PLEASE everyone - make every effort to come to our official game on Sunday, December 23 and log in by 7:30 if you don't yet have a completed character sheet by then.