In the interest of not hashing out repeated debates and conversations on where we stand, we (RD Mod's) thought it would be best to start a thread for introdutions.

Please post a bit about yourself, your testimony, religious affliation, etc.



About Me!

I am Genesis1315, one of the moderators for CGA - Religious Discussions. I have been a member of CGA since Sept 2004 and a moderator for RD since October 2004. In addition, I am a member of God's Frozen Chosen. I play CounterStrike 1.6 (CS:S to be added when I get a better computer) under *[GFC#7]*GourmetButterfly.

I have been a Christian since November 2000. Before converting to Christianity, I was wiccan. I practiced wicca for 10 years. Currently, I attend a Baptist Church. I do not know if that makes me a Baptist. Ultimately, the names are really not that important. The belief in Christ is.

When addressing me, please feel free to call me Gen. I usually do not use my whole name unless someone is in trouble :D Genesis is someone else on the board, so I may not respond if addressed by that name.


edit - had to updated, I didn't realize it was 2004 instead of 2005. Time flies..... :D
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Yep, good idea Gen. :D

Well I am Eskimo Pie. Most people refer to me as Eskimo or Pie. Not by my full title... (Which was not thought up by me... Was a gift from a friend. :) )

AS far as affiliations go.... I have attended Baptist, Penacostal, Assemblies of God, Lutheran.... The list goes on. Does that make me a mutt? :p I have met good Christians and bad, good pastors and bad ones.

I have been a Christian since...... Forever. AS long as I can remember.

I moved around a lot, Which is why I have attended varying churches.

My stance on issues varies upon the issue. (Not real clear I know) Most times if something is backed up Biblically I am ok with it. Though not always. And if it comes ddown to two differant interpretations on something, I normally agree to disagree. (Isn't it wonderful we can do that?)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. :D



Well, I am shyfroggy...kind of sounds weird to think about a frog being shy - I mean they usually hop right in and sometimes they get run over...

I suppose that sums up my life in one sentence. At times in my life I have felt very 'squashed' for lack of a better word...but I have found God to be there, no matter how low I might have felt. He is the one that keeps me hopping right in.

I grew up with a family who didn't go to church much, and really never cracked the bible all that much. Was God there? Of course...just in a different way. I go to a baptist church with my parents, but does that make me baptist?

My husband and I have really gotten into reading the Bible, we have taken an interest in comparing them - king james version/new american standard/new internationl version/contemporary english version/the message...we have really started quite a collection.

I'm here if anybody wants to chat.


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My name is Snake_Six, but most people call me Snake.

I am a 16-year-old homeschooled junior. I am also a Protastant Calvinist. (Labels, labels!)
I don't remember exactly when I was saved, but it was about 5-6 years ago.
Over the past 6 months or so, I have had a renewed interest in the things of God and have pursued Him more than ever.


Hi me is cc.slim oh u know that hahaha Well to start I was trained in the winter to be a catholic and in the summer to be a baptist hehehe no wonder I am a PIKELDnut..I have studied with many types of ppl and well so call me a red letter man for thats who I follow and with that I have found God.Not a church or a denomination just Jesus and God. Follow with praise, worship and humble adoration for I am nothing beneath his feet aka undeserved kindness for YOU and me

aka Ash

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Hiya my name is Tony,
My story is long, and I tend to rattle on, so I will try to keep it brief:

I have attended just about every type of christian church there is, searching for God. I loved Jesus and accepted him as my savior at a fairly early age. Then as an adult I got blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit and realized something...God is here *points to heart*. So many people fight because of religion, when what we should be concentrating on is our walk with Jesus. Now, I attend a pentecostal church, but call myself christian, not pentecostal. The church that I attend is a place that God has sent me to learn something. He didn't send me there to be Pentecostal, but he did send me there to learn a lesson of some sort. I am sure before my life on earth ends, he will send me somewhere else. God has a plan for all of us, and he talks to us, all we have to do is listen.


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My name is Randall.

I am adopted and in fact I was adopted twice. Once by my human parents just after I was born and at the age of 8 adopted by the Great I AM my heavenly Father through my faith in His son Jesus the Christ.

Yes I thank God for giving me great parents and a Sunday school teacher who was truly born again and who shared with us children the love of God.

But as I grew I seemed to care less for the things of God and ended up in the world.

Now I could go on but I must make this short. God had his hand on me right from the day I was born and He did not let me go far from Him. Yes I am a prodigal son.
Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in Him and to all who read this, here now for you is my confession of faith - I love the Lord with all my heart , all my mind and all my strength and confess to you that I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart to be my Lord and Savior. I love you lord God and I thank you for this new life that I have through Your son Jesus.

I attend church and enjoy the company of my brothers and sisters in Christ.
I have learned alot there but I still have much to learn and it would seem I always learn at the school of hardknox but that is okay with me because I know it is the will of God for me. The easy way for me would be for me to give up but I have come to far with the Lord for that to happen anymore.

Yes I get discouraged but I know the Lord is with me and he watches out for me and puts me back onto His level path.

My passion is the Truth and my heart goes out to Israel and God's chosen people the Jews.

God bless you and keep you,:)
Randall aka Jeshurun


I was saved when I was fairly young, but was not sound, so to speak, in my faith until a few years ago (meaning, I was a Christian but wasn't sure what the heck I was supposed to do. Then again, I was pretty young then, so at least I have an excuse :D )

I go to an Evangelical Presbyterian church


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Here is the mission statement of my church...I wholeheartedly agree with EVERY word! (Even the TM squiggles!-haha)

I have attended every Tueday night for the past 6 years

Here --> is a link to my wintess :)

It's rather loong winded and I didn't wanna clutter ur boards wif my ranting! :rolleyes:

My past person was crucified with Christ Jesus my Lord..He put me to death and gave me NEW Life...His Life...Zoe Life!
I now have the Life of God Living inside me!
He's Holy and Blameless and He gives me HIS LIFE as my OWN! woot!
I am now a partaker of His divine nature..His very Being! WoWEEE!
One with Him, and with all believers worldwide, whether asleep or in the body, in Spirit and in Truth!
I now have HIS desires and abilites! Becuase it's not I who live, but Christ in me!

I can see Him Living! He's alive and well Living in Sister Pat!
He made me His Witness!



I am leading The Legion of Light (GuildWars Guild) in the Spirit of my God and yours :)

We will be Luxon Factioned come the end of this month..Seeing as how SoE is Kurzik.. Jesus is needed Luxon, as so we go! For we are now SENT :) Woot!