Interview with Cory Butler


Here's a link to an interesting interview with Cory Butler by He discusses the 2.1 update, Cathar, character customization... and TRANSFERS! Are for-pay server transfers coming? If so, when can players look forward to this service? Can you talk about any additional for-pay services players can look forward to?
Cory Butler: Paid Character Transfers were originally slated to be part of Game Update 2.1, but we ran into a few bugs with the new Legacy Achievement system. You can expect Paid Character Transfers to be coming in hot on the heels of Game Update 2.1. No new announcements for paid services to make at this time.
Admittedly, that's kind of vague but it sounds like that transfers will be the next big thing after 2.1 releases.


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yeah yeah... i've posted about this already, but i can agree 100%... it's about dang time! it's amazing how even the little things like server transfers in a game seem to fall into place with God's plan. i went for a job interview today, and did pretty darn good imo. if i get the job it starts on June 17th. from what i hear xfers are planning to be out with patch 2.2, which has a tentative date of June 11th. so i should have some extra funds to be able to transfer over at least one of my toons. yay! i'm excited! :D