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So noone seems to want to blow stuff up? Oh well...... :p

Let's start with the first....

This can be broken into 2 major parts: mining and production.

Mining is real simple. you go out to a belt, set your lasers, when your cargo hold fills up you stop. Since this is more of a basic overview, I'll keep things along the simpler side. First off, stay away from Veldspar. There are many other things to mine that have a much better yield. To that end, you can either sell the ore out right, or refine it into various minerals, and then either sell those or use them to build something.
What to mine? That depends on where you are. Hi sec or Low sec? I'll stay with Hi sec. Why Hi sec? Because there you can mine without having to worry about losing your ship. Below is a great chart of where to find minerals. Anything not shown here is in 0.0 space.


This site has a good break down of the different kinds of ore and the minerals you can get by refining.

Now, you can start out (and pretty much have to) mining in a frigate. You will want to get to the point where you can fly a hauler (cleverly named Industrial ships) and a mining barge. You'll need a hauler to move stuff from out in the belt to the station, or to a new station. They are just big, slow ships with a huge cargo hold. Mining barges can fit strip miners. With a regular mining laser you get 40 units of ore per cycle...a strip miner can suck 540 units per cycle (base stats). So it's something any miner should aspire to do.

Refining is simply taking ore (or just about anything) and melting it down into the minerals and/or components that make it. This starts to go into production as you can't build anything with raw ore, so refined minerals are always in demand. There are a few skills you'll need to refine stuff....."refining" and "refining efficiency". They will allow you to better use the stations refining array and keep the amount wasted down. (Also look into the various ore processing skills as they to keep this amount low). the other thing that will affect how much you get is the amount the station keeps for itself. The better your standing with the station's owner, the lower this will be too. Once ore is refined, you can sell the minerals or use them to build something. And that takes us into production.

Production is building stuff. Simple right? Pretty much everything in EVE is built and sold by players. There are some things that are seeded by CCP, but most is either built or looted from rats, and then sold.

In order to build something you'll need a blueprint, minerals/components, and a factory(Station module).

Blue Prints come in two flavors: Blue Print Originals(BPOs) and Blue Print Copies)BPCs. This is where science starts to enter the equation. You can research a BPO to make it more mineral efficient, and take less time to build. A BPC is just a copy of a BPO and any bonuses it may have from research. Why BPCs? They do have a limited number of uses, but chances are that somethings you're not going to be able to get a BPO....least not one that researched which can take a long long time. BPOs are perfered...but if you cannot get a hold of one, then go for a BPC.

To be continued.....

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Attached is an EVEmon skill plan for a miner. It'll get you into a tier 2 mining barge as well and a tier 2 hauler, and allow you to use the best strip miners. It'll take just over two months following it exactly. But it's just to give you some idea. If you'd like to play around with EVEmon and you don't have an EVE account, PM me and I'll send you a character file to play with....

PS....more to come.....

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Minerals/Components for production needed to build something can be found by right clicking on a blueprint and selecting "Show Info". You'll get two sets of numbers. The perfect list, and what your current skills will allow. The better your skills, the less you need to make something. Also you can research a BPO remember? By researching one you can make it more mineral efficient, or/and take less time to build. This is why BPCs are common. You can research and research a BPO, then make copies of it with all the efficiency bonuses.

Factory is a station module and is shown as an icon on the right side of the screen with in a station. All factories have slots, and you 'll need one slot to build something. Sometimes you have to wait until a slot opens up. At that time you'll be placed in queue, and given how long 'til the slot opens up. Alternatively, you can just find a station that's not as busy. When the job is done, you return to the station and pick up your goods.


Science fits right into production as you can research blueprints, and gain Tech 2 BPOs. T2 BPOs are not seeded on the market, and must be either bought form players, or gotten through he research agent lottery.

I'll spare BPO research here and jump right into agent research.

Agent research if very skill intensive. You also have to have standing with the agents corp in order to do research with that agent. so why do it? It's the only way to get into the BPO lottery. What's that? When CCP wants to seed a new ship or module BPO they do it through research agents. As you do research with an agent you get Research Points( RP). Each RP counts as a lottery ticket in that field of research. If you do a "Show Info" on the agent, you'll get a list of all the possible BPOs you can get from that agent. A T2 BPO is highly coveted as you need them to build T2 things....which are just as coverted....and expensive. So Should you get a T2 BPO, research it and make copies......then sell the copies and never worry about isk again.

Also with RP you can buy datacores form the agent. You need these to build various things from ships to modules (T2). So they are usually in demand. Certain ones like starship engineering are usually flooded on the market so the return may not be that great. What is good though is that you get RP as long as you are doing research with an just like skill training it will go until it's done. Here's the catch don't stop until you tell it to. So you can gain RP indefinitely. Easy money for training some skills.

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In our current location, there is a factory one system over with open slots for building stuff, and there are quite a few good systems for mining near by.