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i can understand not being interested in deathmetal, im not either....that record label only has 2 deathmetal bands on it the rest are of different genres. I just wanted to clear that up with you sirthom. =P
Yeah, Zao is 1337. I love metal. I'm kinda surprised he edited that, unless the bands were satanic or something, but what he said was "that's not a genre we're interested in" that's kinda weird cause there are some really good christian metal bands.
wow, that's uber weird that he wouldn't want christian metal. Just cause he's not interested in it doesn't mean other christians aren't. As long as the bands glorify God in their lyrics I say metal is just fine and dandy. But maybe we're hanging out on this topic too long.
I pm'd him about the deleted post, because I didn't think his personal opinion should of interfeared with his admin duties.
Um, personal opinion does and should interfere with admin duties...
so if u make a post about Bill Murray, and I don't like Bill so I delete it. Is that fine.

He deleted because he doesn't like metal.
Metal is awesome. Deathmetal sucks becuase its all like "AHJFGVASJKSJYGHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! RIP YOUR %^%@ HEAD OFF AND EAT YOUR BRAINS!!!!!!!!"

but Slipknot, SOAD, Tool, Mudvayne are good.

And No Slipknot isnt "evil" at all. Lead singer has a child and isnt a satan worshipper....marylin manson on the other hand......
[b said:
Quote[/b] (FIR3 @ Sep. 23 2004,2:03)]Deathmetal sucks becuase its all like "AHJFGVASJKSJYGHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! RIP YOUR %^%@ HEAD OFF AND EAT YOUR BRAINS!!!!!!!!"
christian deathmetal isnt like that
Manson isn't evil, u have to learn to seperate the image from the man. Its showbizz when he's out performing its a character. It sells records.
i thought he was a satanist, he went to my old christian school, and threatened to kill anyone who beleived in god, not him but his followers, hmmmm, i think that i would know, but i don't listen to him

o and if you like metal/hard rock/rock check out The edgE
Its an image, granted he's alittle weird. But I say a show on his house and it was full with statues of Mary, and crusifixes. It looked like Ann Rices house. I don't think he's a fan of the church, because when he was young he used to listen to Bowie and Kiss and his school (baptist christian) said that rock music is satanic. He used to play D&D then the school said that was satanic too. So he took everything they told him not to do and did it to the extream. But I don't think he's satanic. He's actually a very smart guy and knows his weird image sells records.
Um, actually it doesn't sell very much.

He may be popular because of his 'image', but he actually doesn't have that many records sold.

He's a moron for sacrificing who he is, his personality, and everything he believes in just to sell a few records. I like some heavy metal, but I'm not going to listen to someone who has such an extreme lifestyle. He takes the world and what people have to say way too seriously. If he just ignored what some people said sometimes then he wouldn't be such a freak.
he's not a freak, he's a very integligent person.
But I guess this isn't going anywhere.
Back no subject I don't think the post should of been deleted. I talked to tomas and I see his point of view but I disagree with it.
All right, this thread is now closed. There's no point in going on about this. If you want to discuss death metal, there are probably other forums in which you could do so. And if not, go create your own and discuss death metal to your heart's content.

Keep the Faith,

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