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No, you don't NEED them....but you SHOULD have them.

EVEmon - A Skill organization program. It pulls you character information from EVE, and keeps track of what's training. It will notify you when skills are done. Allows you to set plans to see how long it will take to get into a particular ship, or use a module. And give you a readout as to when skills will finish traing so you an plan ahead.(Like switching to a longer skill before heading to bed) It will automatically add skills needed in the skill tree, and will make suggestions to improve skill training time. What's more, it has an implant calculator that you can use to see if it's really worth getting a 100 million isk implant.
Overall, it allows you to build skill plans and get an idea of the direction you'd like to take your character.

Quickfit - A ship fitting program. It has a few nifty functions.

  • First off it takes your character's skill set (imported from EVEmon) and allows you to fit ships based on your current skill level. (so you don't spent 2 hours going around picking up stuff and a ton of isk only to find out you're 3 days from actually using it).
  • Second it has a 'Max Skill Point' feature which allows to fit any ship any way you want, then it will give you a skill plan to put into EVEmon to give you exactly what you need to train to fit and fly that ship.
  • Third, there is a simulation module. This allows you to fit a ship, and then activate modules to see what happens capacitor wise. (Say you load out your ship, and put in an armor repair module. This let's you see if that module will drain your cap, and exactly how many cycles it will take.)
Ombey Map - This is not a program, but a large PDF. It has all the Regions in EVE, the types of stations in each system, the number of mining belts, security status, and even what kind of NPC pirates you'll be facing. The only down side it that it does not mirror the map in EVE exactly. Which takes a bit of getting used to. Still and valuable resource.

EVE-Agents An online agent finder. Just enter in the parameters, hit search, and BOOM! all the agents that meet what you've set. Great for finding close agents, or ones you can use.
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