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Hi, and welcome to Alpha Complex, the home of CGA's first roleplaying group. If you have no idea what a roleplaying game is, Wikipedia has an article about them here.

We are currently playing a roleplaying game called Paranoia, which is set in 'Alpha Complex', an underground bunker in a post-apocalyptic future. Alpha Complex is ruled with a virtual iron fist by a deranged artificial intelligence known as 'The Computer'. It is a game of dark comedy, and while everyone is welcome to play it is best suited towards mature players who are willing for bad - sometimes very, very bad - things to happen to their characters. It is also distinctly a PG-13 game, not because I tolerate any language or sexual content (I don't), but because the life in Alpha Complex is exceedingly violent and short.

The game has some positive benefits for its players. It teaches them to appreciate the priveleges we have in a free society, and gives them a taste of what life is like under totalitarian rule. It teaches them about what things are like in a society where human life is not valued and is in fact entirely expendable. And for players who can take the game with a grain of salt, it can be enormous fun to try and kill off your teammates before they can incriminate you.

If you are interested in participating in this particular game, I need you to PM me (dorkelf). As part of this PM, let me know if you don't have Teamspeak or don't have a headset (both are needed) and I can advise you how to get them. Once you're set up, I will direct you to the information you need to get started.

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