If God and/or his son/spirit chews me out and how I can introduce God and his word


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I put God The Father and his son Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit first.

I agree on Matthew 18: 19 and 20.

If I get chewed out like in visions or a trip to Heaven will it be out of love? If I feel discouraged even whether love, being loved, being able to be forgiven etc. what would God's word say about the subject?

I know God's Will is to preach and introduce The Gospel in all ways from Google.com, even video games but what about Game Programs such as Legal Level Editor or Legal Game Makers including Game Maker itself.

Basically for example say The Legend of Zelda if people make Zelda Quests that introduce God and his Word is God alright with such ideas on how to preach and introduce and teach The Gospel and the rest of God's Word to others for God?
God is slow to anger... i doubt he'll chew you out, but he has promised us that we will be punished for our sins and he will tell you what you have done wrong

well i don't think that taking God's word into the legend of zelda would successfully spread the word and incite conversion to the faith, but it's okay to try creating things for games and spreading the faith that way...
as long as you spread it without false teaching and do not present it in a way that fools anyone to think something about it that it isn't, then it's totally fine