I need some serious advice.


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I am sure from some of the things I have posted in the past that some of you know that I have kind of a big mouth.(I am an idiot to make it short)

I went to the bank after talking to two really awesome friends of mine(Kojinsei is one if anyone has ever seen him around on the game). Anyway, I went and got it set to a three person account. Now that I am taking accounting I should have known better but we want to make a business and they want to move up here to do so and what happened was when I got it converted the liability tripled putting me somewhat in the hole. Joe is working on money because he has a decent paying Job and lives with his parents.(I hate relying on other people to get me out of things.)

The biggest part of it, and where I opened my big mouth is when I noticed how much money I was overdrawn I sort of panicked. I started racking my brain for things that could have happened and the only things that were coming to mind were the people in Jacksonville. The only reason I saw at lest one of them as the perpotrator was because on my last visit I had made the mistake of loosing my debit card and then Candi(the woman who let me live wither for almost 2 years and is like family) gave it to me days later. So when I thought of that I thought Well, ok. She must have taken the number off of my card and used it. then I remembered that I had changed the card completely a week after I had returned.(This was about 6 months ago.) After I scanned over the bank statements a billion times over the course of 2 days it finally hit me. When I expanded it it did in fact become more than manageable.

Leaving the money issues aside, what does anyone think I should do about Candi and the rest of her family disliking me because of my fat mouth.
Join the club. So do I. I tend to panic first and think after.

What I have learned is that sometimes when I do freak out over circumstances (and I do have quite a lot to freak out about right now) is talking with others who will listen and not judge... sometimes when I listen to myself talking about it I will eventually calm down enough to know that things are so bad.

I go to a group called Celebrate Recovery (a Christ centered recovery group for hurts, habits and hangups - mine is recovering from secularism! LOL) and I ALWAYS feel better after I go. Sometimes I have to force myself to leave the house, but I have never regretted doing so. However almost any small group at church will work when you have a bond with the people.

In the bible there are a few parts (lol - LOTS) in the New Testament about being in a community of believers. There is nothing more supportive or comforting than talking with those whose belief in God is like your own. :eek:
Wow, thanks Madeline. That was very helpful. That is the best help anyone has givin me so far.

"A community of believers"

<thinks deeply>
Leaving the money issues aside, what does anyone think I should do about Candi and the rest of her family disliking me because of my fat mouth.

That's a tough situation Taledin. It's always so hard to give advice when a situation is so personal and hurtful to someone and I know so little about it, but I'll still try to give you a practical idea you might consider. After bad feelings have died down, you might send a nice card or flowers or something with a combination Thank You and I'm Sorry note - the Thank You is of course because of her kindness to you in the past. The I'm Sorry part could be as simple as saying that you were too upset to think about what you were saying and what it meant. The truth usually gets through to people even when they're hurt, after they've had enough time to recover emotionally.