I am new here :)


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I posted 2 messages but it seemed to have gone missing ... hmmm ...

I just wanted to say that I am new here and I have been playing EvE for around 4 months.

I hope to see you guys online sometime.
Greeting mate!

Always good to see another EVE pilot make their way here. :D

Where abouts are you flying?

I posted 2 messages but it seemed to have gone missing ... hmmm ...
bengster, I had to approve your post before it appeared to others on the forums. (I could see it because I use an Administrator account.)

Check your e-mail for anything from the forums AT cgalliance DOT org address with a link to click to verify your e-mail address. Until you verify your e-mail address, all your posts will be marked as moderated and will not appear until a moderator approves them.

That said, welcome to the community! :D

Thanks for the welcome ...

I have been in EvE University for the past 4+ months learning from the instructors and such.

Basically in empire. I did chat with someone in the Tribe's recruitment channel but it seems that membership is quite low and not very active though :p

Currently, based in Korsiki at EvE University's HQ.

Hoping to explore the 0.0 areas of EvE ...

Actually, to side-track, I played WoW before I came to EvE and I was in a christian guild in WoW too :)