Hulu Plus Recommendations?


I signed up last week but I'm not a big TV watcher. So far I have Once Upon a Time, Revolution, & The Office as my favorites.

I'm open to recommendations. I keep browsing Hulu's shows but nothing is really standing out. I have tried to watch a couple shows but usually stop midway through the first episode. I do like dramas and some sci-fi.

Kyrel Ruth

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I'm hoping to get Hulu+ for Christmas. (I look forward to watching Netflix thru the tv and not the pc anymore.)


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Roku is phenomenal, I love mine to death, I use it about 90% for the Plex app which allows me to stream TV/Movie/Music from my PC to my TV flawlessly. Amazon prime, netflix and tons of news apps all work great too.


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I sound like an ongoing sales pitch for Roku, but it really is the most bang for the buck in entertainment. Hey if this slow old bear can hook it up and set it up in less than 10 mins anybody can. Who needs cable tv anyways.


Ok this is not about Roku. I don't have it because I have a streaming blu-ray player as well as Xbox Live.

I'm sure people here use Hulu or subscribe to Hulu Plus. What shows do you watch and/or what do you recommend?