How to Make Team Fortress 2 More Family Friendly as an M Rated Game


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Team Fortress 2 is an M Rated game geared toward Mature audiences. There are multiple steps I personally use to reduce the possible Mature content while in-game. Some of these you already know.

First thing Choosing a Clean Server: This helps a TON! The Toj. Server is specially geared to encourage a clean environment. You may still come in contact with random players who try to ignore the server rules but having good Admins available to deal with Trouble-makers is a must!
If you have other Friends on your Friend List that share the same desires as you for a cleaner environment, ask if they could lead you to a good server and then ADD that server to your Favorites.

Disable Sprays: Sprays are usually pictures or words that a player has downloaded and can "spray" the image many places on the map in any server. Many times these pictures can be vulgar or abrasive. The Toj. Server is set up to have ALL personal sprays turned off but if you decide to play on any other TF2 servers you'll probably want to set that option up for yourself too. That means any server you go to, you will not see any personal sprays.

In Team Fortress 2, select Options > Multiplayer > Advanced and check Disable Sprays.

Disable Blood or Exploded Body Parts: For No Blood, you can use steps to Disable Blood for Team Fortress 2 and other games like Portal, Garry's Mod, and Counter Strike. I personally don't care for all the blood and body parts flying everywhere. Like the screenshot below, normal in-game screenshots will be plastered with blood and body pieces. I take a lot of screenshots. I love having a cleaner look to them. Some Weapons will still have specific blood effects or bloodstains on them regardless, like the Scout's Boston Basher or the Demo's Eyelander.


@ Basically, if you enter your game Library
@ right click on Team Fortress 2 and select Properties
@ click Set Launch Options
@ and enter +violence_ablood 0 +violence_agibs 0 +violence_hblood 0 +violence_hgibs 0 into the box, hit OK
@ Relaunch your TF2. Voila!

Instead of seeing body parts flying out during explosions, try using Silly Gibs. I get to see funny stuff pop out! Alarm clocks, license plates, springs, cheeseburgers, duckies, balloon animals, and cogs! I love this, it's so fun!


@ Basically, if you enter your game Library
@ right click on Team Fortress 2 and select Properties
@ click Set Launch Options
@ and enter -sillygibs into the box, hit OK
@ Relaunch your TF2. Voila!

There are some servers that have Extra Gore options installed on their specific server. There are also some servers that have Zombie mode (for example) installed or the grappling hook enabled. So on some servers you could still see gore, blood or body parts if you are on one of those servers.

Use Mute Player Options: You can Mute individual players that are using language that is undesired. When on a server in-game, make sure you take a good look at the player's name. Press the ESC button once. Look for the picture of the EAR, Click it. This will open up a box that lists all the names of every player currently on the server you are on. Look for the player's name and click on it. Now click the box below that says Mute In-game Voice. Once applied click Close, and ESC once more to return to game.

Taunts: I would classify that there are 4 Types of Taunts in TF2:

First is what I would call the Generic Taunts. These are motion and verbal Taunts that every player can do from Day 1 usually by pushing the "G" button twice. These Taunts vary from Class to Class and from Weapon to Weapon. For Example: The Pyro has 3 weapons enabled. One Primary Weapon, one Secondary Weapon and one Melee Weapon. The Pyro will perform a different Taunt for each of these Weapons when you push the "G" button twice.

The Second Type of Taunt I'd call the Item Taunts. You need to have acquired an item (through Trade, or Item Drops, or Purchase) in your inventory to perform these Taunts by yourself. These are initiated by pushing the "G" button and then choosing a number to correlate with the Taunt you want to use.

The Third Type of Taunt I'd call the Joining Taunts. Another player may have the Item to perform a Taunt but you can choose to Join in. The High Five Taunt for example. Another Player initiates the High Five and waits for another player to join him in completing the High Five. The Conga is another example. One player starts to dance but others can Join in and dance too even if you don't own the Conga Dance Taunt Item. These can be performed by standing close to a player who has activated a Joining Taunt, and push the "G" button twice.

These 3 Types are all optional. You need to initiate something in order to do them. But the Fourth kind of Taunt I'd call Involuntary Taunts. These are Verbal Taunts your character will say that are initiated by something in game. For example, your character may suddenly blurt out "Who's pushing the Cart?" when your team has not made any advances on the cart in a while. Any of the other Types of Taunts you find offensive, you have the option NOT to use them. But these Involuntary Taunts are just that... involuntary. You can't stop them or delete them from what I can tell.

I hope some of this may help.
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