This is an interesting book. You can break it up into two parts. The first part is about Hosea and his life. And the second is about Israel and their relation with God.

Hosea's life ends up actually being a description of Israel's life. God asks Hosea to marry an adulterous wife. His wife represents Israel. They have 3 children, each with a very significant name. Jezreel means 'God scatters', Lo-Ruhamah means 'not loved' and Lo-Ammi means 'not my people.' Ouch! God is really trying to make a point. It is all a prophecy of what God will be doing.

The second part of the book deals with Israel. It essentially goes through the ways Israel was adulterous to God. This isn't a physical adultery, but a spiritual one. They placed other gods, idols, rituals, before God. Actually, as a replacement for God. Reading through those chapters made me think about my own life and areas where I need to be careful. Where might I be placing other things before God?

I thought this was a powerful book. I hope you were challeneged by it too.