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I know right now there are three of us still working on our HK companion quests. Aleron and I only need to finish the HK FP sequence. Xpictoc is working it, but I am not sure how far he's gotten. I thought we could use this to track progress and coordinate an attempt to get together for the FPs. If there is anyone else with a 50 or above who would like to join, post here too.

/BTW Xpictoc, I am curious about your use of the "c" at the end of your name. "s" looks enough like a final sigma that you could have used it. Any particular reason you went with a "c" middle sigma?
I sure would like to get it done! I haven't looked at it in while, but I suppose once the parts from the FPs are acquired, we go back to Section X and finish there?
Looking for an update, how close is Xpictoc? I haven't seen many on the IMP side the last couple days, did he get the one on Dromund Kaas?
Looking for an update, how close is Xpictoc? I haven't seen many on the IMP side the last couple days, did he get the one on Dromund Kaas?
Not yet. He has an Agent ready to look. I said one or both of us could accompany him. He asked if we could do it this week sometime. I think he has all the parts on the pub side. If so, then the three of us can knock off the FPs. Khalipso has HK from her other server. She said she'd help after she's able to transfer her 55s. Hopefully, however, we can get it done beforehand. Once she has her 55s over, though, we could do other FPs, Heroics, etc. It'll be fun!

Also, I got my Agent into the guild
Aaron is almost at the point where he'll start the HK quest line. Three of us need the final FP and then some mobs to kill on Fatality.

4. Back to Fatality
All you need to do now is go back to Section X on Belsavis and make your way through the ship and some enemies to get HK-51. There are two groups of mobs there. One champion mob that heals and two hard mobs that also heal. It was very difficult to solo them, but doable. The last obstacle is the Lord of Agony, which I defeated by regularly interrupting his heals. Congratulations, you can now watch the cinematic and enjoy your new companion!

Here's a good guide:
I haven't been on most of the week, but I will make a point of jumping on tomorrow night. Is there a time which works best for everyone? I'm in the EST zone so I to make sure I am on late enough to catch up with you guys.
good news... server transfers seem to be back on as of tuesday, patch 2.2.1... so if anyone still needs some help, my lvl 55 gunslinger will be happy to help out.

i did get a job, so i won't be available during the day, but i usually get home around 5 pm central. this week i wasn't in game as much as i hoped to be, it's taking a bit to get used to a set schedule again lol. i will do my best to at least log in and check in with folks as much as possible each night. :D

i'll be in game some this weekend too, taking advantage of the double xp weekend! :D
Aaeryyn is up to the flashpoints now for the HK quest. I have done all the flashpoints in pugs so am familiar with them.