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Hey everyone. I signed up with the toj.cc website a number of weeks ago, and have put off joining any chapters until now. Well, I played a few rounds with some of you last night in the toj server, and had a blast. So, I'm ready to join the tf2 team. If anyone wants to add me on steam, my account name is sanary. I would give my nickname, but I constantly change it to varying forms of "Dr. Hammy" depending on when I feel I've thought of something clever. :p


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Hey Hammy, welcome to the group! If one of the other Steam Group admins don't beat me to it, I'll get you an invite.

I tried look up "sanary" and only found one, and that person hadn't been online in 79 days. :p Hit the Tribe of Judah Steam Group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tribeofjudah) and friend one of the admins (Tek or myself would be your best bet) and we'll get you an invite.



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Hi Hammy, I'll add you when I see you in-game. Welcome to the chapter too!