Is there anyone home? Can I pester goof off or just in anyway be a annoyance to make some noise in here!!! Yep still playing cs 1.6 floating around here n der...Well with that see ya n Be yeh u know GLOWIN
lol msg me anytime and i prolly play but not much incentive right now
We're still in the planning stages, but if we find a few people who are willing to commit to monthly donations in the amounts of $5 or $10, we may rent a temporary CS 1.6 server until we can raise enough money to get a dedicated box for more game servers.
I can't help noticing a huge decline on the amount of players on cs 1.6. Maybe its time to bump up to source..My question is Is there alot of full servers? I have yet to download it but I have played it for about 5 mins and it is different. P.s Had to stop on the monthly thing until I got my oldest boy and family settled after he got out of the navy..All good and now I will restart again!!! Thanx!!!! OH YEH he(my son) and his wife were not saved and after hours n hours n days n days of scriptures and heart to heart talks they both have accepted Jesus and intend to go forward this sunday:D hehehe makes my eyes water!!!! I said once before all my family was saved I ment in my home now he has reached beyond my home into his wOOt!
* Boy its been awhile...*

CS 1.6 continues to be dominant over CS:S given that that major international tournaments (CPL, World Cyber Games, etc) still play 1.6. They do this because the majority of serously competive teams are unsatisfied with the competition aspect of CS:S.

Although CS:S has gotten better within the last couple of months Ill still bet that 1.6 will still be around for awhile. After all people still play Starcraft origional when theres Brood war, WC3, WC3exp, etc.
i agree with parakletos on that factor as , i have also noticed that general preference seems to be for CS 1.6, Also even though the Graphics in Source DO look better, the game play aspect of Source has diminished the whole fun factor of cs1.6 for many, don't get me wrong i Still do play source just not as regularly as CS1.6,

And Ya para! i still play regular starcraft over any of the other things haha, some formulas you just can't beat

Hi Para!

Anyway, I'll be formatting my computer sometime this week, so hopefully next week ill be back in action