hey guys


Just wondering how things are going for all my brothers and sisters in Redeemed have been going. I was last on back in may, but didn't ever see anyone online. I hope everyone is enjoying the new expansion. God bless

Ericin / Aricin / Healaments
Hey! I'm new here but I have been playing WoW for the last 10 years. I'm looking to make some Christian friends and maybe get in with a Christian guild. Maybe we can chat? Add me on real ID if you would like Sebel#1807.

Bless you!
Adding you to my friends list, hope to chat soon!

As far as joining Redeemed, just give someone a tell when you're on and we'll be happy to invite you.

You can be on any of the following servers:

Bloodscalp US
Boulderfist US
Dunemaul US
Maiev US
Stonemaul US