hey guys :(

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hey guys, sup most of u dont know me... cause i ahd joined another clan, but i ask from u all to pray for my and my family.

my mom and dad r gettin a divorse and we might be movin...

could u pray that everything goes well.

thnx, i missed u all


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Sure thing Cheif, hope everything works out. You & ur fam r in my prayers
Just don't forget to give it all to God and have faith in him.


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hey A.J. man i am praying for you, dude just some words of encouragement

Stay postitive yeah this really sucks but let God work good in it.
Read the Bible, sounds corny but come dude sooo much encouargement and awesomelessons are there.

Dude just love your mom and dad the same no matter what i do not know the situation but dude it does come down to love just love them even if you do not like them and that will make you goreal far in life and with people

Anyway dude i am praying for you and your family

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I'll pray for you...never went through any divorce sitches but have plenty of friends who have...they're fairly normal though I don't think they let on quite as much as they feel about it.


I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. I understand this is a difficult time for you, having gone through it myself. Just remember two things...God loves you and you aren't responsible for your parent's actions.


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Hey Chief...I wanna echo what's been said before.

Just cuz life basically stinks right now, God's still there with you. Even tho it might not feel like it alot of the time.

You're def not the reason for your parents splitting up (in case that entered your mind). I suspect you'll prolly get angry with yourself because you can't think of a way to fix things between them, and life spinning out of control is just maddening and frightening.

You're not only in our prayers tho (and that's a big thing), but also in our thoughts, and if you just need to blow some steam at times, find one of the mentors or another Christian bro that you trust (maybe a youth or senior pastor or youth leader?), and tell them how angry you are.

In the Bible it says something..."Be angry, and sin not." So, be angry, and tell somebody how angry you are, and don't pretend not to be. But don't let it lead you into sin either.

We've got your back in any way we can.


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One thing i would liek to add that may have been said before.. Above all honour your parents. No matter what..


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I want to agree with Rizz .. honour you parents .. and know that Jesus is there in this time .... just look into your heart and you will see that even now when you feel like panic is gripping you heart, He is Still in control and although our will moves us into areas of hurt, He is still there to heal and mend .. you are in our thoughts chief ...


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I gotta agree with Rizz and Kasimir too. Even tho it's easy to look at them and second guess them and all that (which is natural), it's a pretty loud thing that God's said throughout the years, and for good reason.

You can get mad at them, but honour them (and not in the mumbly "whatever you say even tho I think you're a jerk" way) (I've done that before and it's crappy).

You're def on our minds and in our prayers.
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