Hey folks!


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Hello hello (hi Ewok! hi Jason!)

Hubby (Ben) & I decided to give Rift a try... we started out having so much fun we went ahead and switched our first day from trial to full blown game.
However, the bad news: I'm really not a fan of open world PVP :(
So, I convinced hubby to roll on a RP-PVE server (Faeblight), and I did notice that it shares WF with Sunrest. SO that means that at least on WF's we can play together from time to time.

Still working on the best combo for us though. We were thinking mage/rogue or mage/mage for the range. Any suggestions are welcome on that!

Give me incentive to have us play on Sunrest... please? ;) (other than the cool guildies there)
It's not too late since we are only level 3! Though to be honest, I will /ragequit if I get ganked by someone 30 levels above me, just keep that in the front of your mind before you reply LOL!

Thank you all in advance & great to see you all still active out there!
Mel aka Tawnie


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Hello Mel,

Before I say anything I must say that I am not going out of my way to engage in open world pvp. Most of the open world pvp I do right now is reactionary.

From my personal experience the open world pvp really did not start bothering me until in my mid 40's in stillmoor. In stillmoor I was getting griefed alot, but not until then. I have only been ganked by someone 20 lvls higher then then me once. There was the occasional time that I got hit by a 50 when i was low 40's. Most of the open pvp I have encountered is during invasions and rifts where it is a lot of defiant vs a lot of guardian mass pvp type fights. Open pvp usually consists of lots of players at once, but that is not to say you will never be ganked by a much higher player. It does happen, but not abundantly from my experience.

The nice thing is from what I have seen from the guild is that if you are having issues with open world pvp, give a shout and some 50's will be over to assist.

I played Aion for almost 2 years where the open world pvp was a lot more active than Rift. I hate getting beat down by someone more than 10 lvls higher than me - that is not even remotely fun. Comparatively from Aion to Rift it does not seem to happen that much on Sunrest. Others may have a different experience.Hope that helps.


Have you tried asking on the Rift forums on others experience on Sunrest regarding open world pvp?
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The open world pvp makes the game, which is already dynamic, SUPER dynamic. Taking on a massive Zone Boss with like 40 guardians is fun. Taking it on while a raid full of deviants show up, calling a semi truce while you fight the boss, forcing you to position correctly and dodge aoe splash, leading to the height of the boss kill only to afterwards turn into a massive pvp war is just beyond comparison. It is fun and honestly you die so much in the game already, what is another death or 2 due to pvp.

Leveling on PvP server does have its pain from time to time, but in the grand scheme of things its really small if you don't focus on it. The server on Sunrest is actually very good and few griefers make it by. The ability to talk with the other faction makes it nice. Often people will say, sorry man no offence but it was you or me. Or they will stop fighting me and say "ooopps thought you were a mob" I will often initiate it and say, "Finish that mob and bring it on!"

Anyways, the game is so enhanced by the extra faction I could not imagine it any other way. You should totally join us as we have super helpful guild members who can craft you all the best items in the game and take care of you.


My main toon is in the 30s now, and I think I've only been ganked by a higher level toon once or twice. I have engaged 2 or 3 people at level a few times, and found it to be a nice break between grinding sessions.


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To me the answer is very simple. You'd play here because you see the value in playing with Christian brothers and sisters. You value fellowship more than PVE. I'm not calling you out, but I am saying that getting ganked on occasion is a small price to pay knowing you are in a guild that you can ask to pray for you. Will you get ganked? Absolutely. Will it be often? Probably not. Will you eventually get to lvl 50 where it doesn't matter anymore? Yes.
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MEL & BEN!!!!!

Hi guys, glad to hear you are trying out Rift. I know you 2 will love it. So much like War, and very fun game. The class system is amazing and, I would say you will find alot of benifit to any class combo you make. Only thing the mage can not do is tank but they do have a pet for PvE, and the Rogue is great dps as well, and it has a tank spec so would be able to be a bit of a meat sheild for the other.

OK Now I want to address your issue with Open World PvP....

Granted I leveled up at the opening of Rift, but I was not the fastest one to level up. I got ganked by higher level people about 3-4 times in total. I would say I died in open world PvP a few more times but overall some were on level ganks or massive world PvP.

I know you have not yet been there but in world events large groups of both sides end up banding together to kill big name mobs. Once these fights end, both sides tend to turn on one anouther. I have been about 50% win loss in this, BUT they are a blast.

I understand your concern about open world PvP I have seen some really bad cases of this in WoW and Warhammer. BUT I do know as was said earlier our Guild has been willing to back up lower levels when it comes to help others. Plus when someone has started doing this in lower level zones I have seen 50's from other guilds coming out of the woodwork to clear it up. There are some areas that are safe like near quest hubs, and at about level 35 + we start to share quest hubs with the defiants. This makes an attitude of indifferance, where many from both factions ignore the difference, I have walked by a ton of defiants with no attacks exchanged. When they are questing many of them are just as worried about being ganked as we are and seem to ignore us too. Plus you have something many other of us did not (a tandem group). With you and Ben working together I would say you would see rare PvP.

PLUS HEY! We are here on Sunrest, and we are here for you both. We would love to play with you both and explore the end game and everything in between with us. We have a strong core of 50's who are very helpful and willing to help out new players and frequently share information and help out new guys getting kicked off.

COME to our server Mel!

I can not garantee you will never get ganked but I can say it will happen less often then in most other games you have played.


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Well, then, how in the world could I possibly refuse to play on Sunrest :D

Thank you all for the replies!
Glad to be a part of something like this as always... makes me so happy just for the fellowship alone

Thanks again & see you in game :D


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Hmm, this thread has me considering joining you all. Originally I wasn't interested in a PvP server, but I'm having some issues with the guild I joined on my current server.

The only drawback is having to start over with multiple characters in the 30s. :p


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Well, you could do a character transfer...they have those now, right? I'm not sure. Otherwise, it doesn't take a super long time to lvl to 30.


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Outstanding Welcome to Sunrest Janc, Mel and Ben.

Was great talking to you again last night Mel.

See you guys in TS 3 soon enough!



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Thanks for the welcome, everyone. Got my cleric up to level 11 last night...once character transfers are available I may transfer my alts over as well. - not sure if I want to level all of them again. :)


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Thanks for the warm welcome :D
And awesome Janc that you are new too (well, to this server) I know we don't really need all four of us teaming for simple quests (overkill!) but maybe we can get together at some point and do some dungeons or rifts, something that would be fun with 4 lowbies ;D (plus it won't hurt to have someone with hubby and I who knows what they are doing haha)

See you all in game!

Mel/Tawnie & Ben/Jash


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I'd love to group up. I'm playing a new cleric right now, but on the other server I've leveled all four souls up to around level 30 - hopefully I learned something there. :)

If nothing else, we can run quests and have backup if any Defiant players show up.