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I just moved my 80 over to stonemaul and i want to start raiding the problem is i have no gear to go with people. i really need help in getting gear. Can people run me throught instances or make me some gear ill pay what i can im not that rich in game........

thank you,
Keith/ Gysha


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Hi Keith,

These are the forums for <The Forgiven> on Alliance Terenas-US. I believe you may be looking for the <Redeemed> forums, found here:

Now, to directly answer your question, I would pretty much just start running random heroics via the Dungeon Finder for Emblems of Triumph and drops. Use the Emblems to purchase Tier 9 pieces and some of the of the i245 Emblem gear. You can also get excellent i245 bracers and a chest crafted if you have a bit of gold to spend. Once you can get in them, start running the Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection on both regular and heroic for drops.

Hope that helps!