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Greetings, all. As you all have noticed, we are less than one month away from the first Christian Gamers Alliance Convention. I'd like to thank everyone who's helped so far and call on more helpers in "the home stretch."

I am currently in a rather overwhelming bind. I am trying to juggle several very important aspects of life (I am not at liberty to discuss them all, but I assure you that they are all, with the exception of the Job Search™, positive things) and not doing as well as I had hoped. I simply do not have time to plan and execute this convention by myself. Elihu and others have been a great help, but Elihu also works as a Blockbuster store manager and cannot devote much time to arranging the convention at this point.

The web developer constructing the registration and payment page has since withdrawn from the project, so I need to replace him as soon as possible. Toward this end, I need someone proficient with PHP and mySQL programming. Familiarity with Paypal button links is a plus.

Next, I need a team to help promote this convention online. I have already supplied the promotional text; to my knowledge, no one has yet made use of this. I cannot stress how urgent it is that we get the word out about this convention as quickly as possible. This task takes no particular experience or skill; you need only create accounts on forums where you feel "advertisements" would get the most eye traffic and post the sample news copy I have provided there.

I would also like to have one other Tulsa resident help us talk to local churches. This person would also need to be in contact with the venues to ask any questions that might arise before the convention date. It would also be beneficial if this person could visit local churches and businesses and hand out convention flyers. I would, of course, reimburse your expenses for copies made.

I had originally planned to teach three sermons during the convention, but I have had to delay developing these sermons to look for a new job and take care of other pressing tasks. If you are 18 or over, have experience teaching others (youth ministry experience preferred), have a gift for teaching, and would like to teach during the convention, please contact me at tek7 AT cgalliance DOT org. Anyone offering to teach would need to submit an outline for their lesson at least seven (7) days before the convention.

We will begin taking payment for convention fees soon, but I would like to have a full event staff in place before doing so. Right now, I am doing the large bulk of the work involved in arranging the convention and I simply cannot continue doing so.

The convention will be a community event, so the community will decide how it turns out. It is already poised to be a huge success and guarantees to be fun, but I know it could be even greater if other people were to step up, take responsibility, and work towards that end.

If you would like to help with anything, please e-mail me at tek7 AT cgalliance DOT org with an honest review of your skills and experience and I will put you to work somewhere. There are twenty-three days left until the convention starts, so let's get to work!


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is there any spefic topic that would be taught on or is it up to the person?

Also how long are we looking to go with this 15-20 mins or 2-3hr (WORD that would be an awesome sermon

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Aye, I had basic plans for all three sermons and even basic scripture references written out. I'm not saying that I won't be able to teach all three at the convention (because I'd really like to), but I do need to consider the possibility that my schedule just won't let up before May 28.

LoJ - e-mail me and I can share what I had in mind.


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i did email you

was hoping if you where having a lack of volunteers maybe posting that you had an idea of what we wanted to do would help motivated maybe one or two people to want to help who knows

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After receiving very little response from my previous post, I'd like to re-cap exactly what must be done before the convention takes place:

- Someone must build a simple web site to handle registration and payment for the convention.
- I need two more people to teach a lesson during the convention. These people must be 18 or over and submit lesson plans by Friday, May 21.
- I want someone to talk to a few more local Tulsa churches and also speak with several Tulsa businesses and ask that they allow us to post flyers or make flyers available at their location.
- I need several people to help promote this convention, both online and in Tulsa. Online promotion would include posting convention news copy to forums, telling others about the convention in public gaming servers, and e-mailing major web sites asking them to post news of the convention.

I need all the help I can get, so if you're interested in helping but would like to do something other than what's listed above, please e-mail me at tek7 AT cgalliance DOT org and I'll find somewhere to put you to work.

Please keep in mind that I am currently trying to find work in Tulsa and do not have the amount of time I originally planned for when we first announced the convention. If others do not pick up some of these tasks, they simply will not get done. I am already swamped without having to plan the convention as well. If you are not already helping in some form or fashion, please consider taking some of your free time and help make this convention successful.


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Guys come on get behind him with your actions all it seems at times is this communtiy says alot, but i hardly see the actions here for the convention with Rizz and the prayer team.

If you say you are going to do something then stand up and do it dont just give us lip service, i would rather see you all quiet and never post than to be the flakes that we all are at times when asked to give up a little bit of time. What is more important spending 20 mins gaming or spending 20 mins posting about the CGA convetion to others?

Apathy is the number one killer of Christians, it spreads like wildfire, I am sorry if you feel offended but if all you are going to give us is lip service and you apathy then leave we dont need that here, you can go to the local church where i am sure there are many others with your like mind.


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[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Guys come on get behind him with your actions all it seems at times is this communtiy says alot, but i hardly see the actions here for the convention with Rizz and the prayer team.

Wha? U saying i do nothing?
LoJ refer to my reply in prayer forums..


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Rizz in no way am i saying that you do not do anything i was using the Prayer team ( ok the YOU and one other involved in it) as one of the things that CGA has tried to do and people have said they would be willing to do it, but no follow up. no real committment, no action. Apathy