Tribe of Judah Social Media Manager
Just wondering where everyone is. I know I am working, working, working, but usually someone is posting?

So what are you all up to?


Tribe of Judah Social Media Manager
I've been so exhausted after work that I don't feel like playing. I'll try to get on late today and a couple times later this week. And since I've started dating someone, the evenings I used to have free are filled now. ;) I'll be back tho, after my work schedule lets up a bit (hoping it does).


School + work + backyard garden = busy

When I do have time for games, I've been alternating between Kingdom of Amalur, Skyrim, Star Wars The Old Republic, Civilization 5, and Minecraft.

...and I'm getting a dog this weekend, so the game time will probably decline a bit more. :)