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We moved to Houston about 6 months ago from San Diego...

I have never seen so much rain in my life. San Diego averages 10 inches (about half that during the recent drought years) or so a year. Our area in Houston has had over 30 inches in the last 3 days. Our house remains above the flood level so far (water covers the street and much of the front yard) but that is not the case for many residents here and in other parts of southern Texas. The home we had our life group at is flooded and several of the other families in our life group have had their homes flooded. Areas have received over 40 inches of rainfall. Rain is expected to continue to fall today and potentially tomorrow.

Please pray for the folks here in southern Texas and Louisiana.
I have been, I will continue to do so.

Dear God continue with those caught in this disaster in South Texas. Give the rescue workers the strength and skill they need to be of aid. Provided near term and long term resources for survival and recovery. Most of all grant your protection and strength to the many. And please shut off the waterworks.