GW2Guru and PvP Roundtable w/ Dev


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Nice article:

I've not done sPvP yet at all, specifically because of the lack of matchmaking. I'm not a good PvP'er and likely never will be. Sure, I can twitch aim and do fairly decent in games like FPS's that require quick reflexes, but in MMO's I just plain stink :D WvW isn't so bad because I can be just a simple grunt and pew pew where needed.

There is simply a whole 'nother level of strategy that I don't get. So to know that I may show up against someone who has a slayer or gladiator title is a fair bit daunting. However, there is promise for the future and I look forward to people casting matches live. If they ever implement matchmaking, I may give sPvP a serious effort.

What are your thoughts?


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I'm excited for GW2 to enter the eSport world. I love watching StarCraft II casts and learning from them, so I'd imagine it'd be similar in GW2 where I can watch pro players play and pick up some tricks or two. The only thing now is for Anet to actually adapt GW2 to the eSport world and for me to find a good entertaining caster like HDStarcraft


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I watched a bit of Dreamhack's SC2 streams a short while back. Apollo and Incontrol made me happy with their commentating. I would join you in such a pursuit. :D lol

Also, I like the idea of GW2 catching on in eSports. I'm down. :)