Guild Wars Birthday Extravaganza!!!


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Hopefully some semi-easy way to farm cupcakes or other sweet items so I can finish off GWAMM


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Cupcakes! CUPCAKES!


At least, I hope. I wouldn't be upset with more anniversary Xunlai panes either...For that matter, everyone should get a heavy equipment pack for each character on their account. One can dream.


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They have used the words "other surprises." I'm hoping it's not like one of those, "Surprise! It's socks! Bet you weren't expecting that!"

Technically, shouldn't we be getting THEM something? I mean it IS GuildWars' birthday. (I sense that I'm on the trail of justifying purchasing mercenary slots... out of "charity.")


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Found this on Guru:

"• High Resolution Textures in Town - Added option to use hi-res textures while in outposts
• Hard Mode Quests - Designed to challenge even the most experienced players
• Mutual Friends List - Displays the current location of your mutual friends through the Friends List
• Birthday Tonics - With over 30 new ones in total, all six-year birthday characters will receive a tonic"