Guild Boss Bounty locations by level


Legacy of Elijah Guild Leader
In order to make it easy for people, especially those who aren't level 80, I've re-written Dulfy's guide from the perspective of zone level requirements. This should make it very easy for people to get the areas ahead, and to organize our people into groups by their level. Source guide:

I've also tried to make it quicker/easier to find anything out of the ordinary on your target, since time is of the essence. Please let me know if there are any inaccuracies or suggestions for improvement!

15-25Brisban WildlandsDiplomat Tarban
15-25Diessa PlateauShort-Fuse Felix
15-25Kessex HillsPoobadooEasy!
15-25Snowden DriftsDeputy Brooke
25-35Gendarran FieldsSotzz the Scallywag1. Hides
25-40Lornar's PassBookworm Bwikki2. Cannot damage if conditioned
30-40Fields of RuinTrillia MidwellEasy!
35-45Harathi HinterlandsBrekkabek
40-50Blazeridge SteppesTricksy Trekksa3. Disguised
50-60Iron MarchesPrisoner 14114. Fast
55-65Sparkfly FenCrusader Michiele
60-70Fireheart RiseShaman Arderus
60-70Mount MaelstromHalf Baked Kamali5. Fire shield
70-80Frostgorge SoundDevious Teesa6. Pulls
80Southsun CoveAnder “Wildman” Westward7. Hidden in Karka

1. Hides in barrels all over Gendarran Fields. Over 300 (!!!) spawn locations.
2. Appears you cannot damage Bwikki if you have conditions on you. Bring self and group removal if you can, such as Pure of Voice and Purging Flames. He (she?) actually reset on prior to mission being done...not sure if bug.
3. Disguises herself as a Weird Wind Rider, Curious Cow, Mysterious Moa, or Peculiar Pig. Apparently an alliteration admirer.
4. Fast and unshakable, but goes down easy. If on the move and calling for help, consider pointing them out in front of him and not behind.
5. Fire shield makes him damage resistent. Remove that boon if you can.
6. Pulls like Kholer. Dodge, stability, Aegis, Zerg.
7. Ander is trapped in a large veteran karka within his spawn zone. You will see local chat bubbles popping over his head. Take down both health bars of the karka and he'll appear for you to start bounty.
I can only imagine how tough the Ander "Wildman" Westward is going to be. Vet Karkas are insane to take down.
He's actually not that tough with a 5-10 person guild zerg. The two times we got Ander this past weekend, both the veteran karka and he went down fairly quickly. There's power in numbers :)