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The Galactic Republic Guild is now taking applications for membership.

The TOJ guild site is:
TOJ Guild Site

There has not been enough traction for a Republic guild as of yet to qualify for early/automatic deployment as of yet. Applications should start here at moment till we get the Guild up and running after release.
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I would recommend that you put the name of your guild in this sticky. I would also include the time zone, type of server you've applied for and the SWTOR link. I clicked on the above ToJ link and it took me right back here. The SWTOR link in another thread for "The Chosen" returns a page not found error. There are lots of guilds that have "the chosen" in their name, so it's very difficult to figure out which guild is yours. Also, I didn't see a SergeantDerp listed, so I assume you used something different for your SWTOR name. You might want to include that as well.

Hope all goes well with your guild!
I'm not finding the guild online or a link to make applications, etc. Can you help?
SergeantDerp resigned from the Galactic Republic Guild Leader position after making this post.

Unfortunately, until we appoint a new Guild Leader, the creation of ToJ's Galactic Republic guild is on hold.

Anyone interested in leading the Republic guild should read this thread.

My apologies for not replying sooner.