Guild Achievement Run - March 21


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Welcome to our weekly Guild event!

Come join us as we tackle Cataclysm and Pandaria achievements at 8:00 PM EST March 21! Be sure to sign up in game and here, we need 8 people to get guild credit :)

Here's what we have in mind:


- Heroic: Cho'gall Guild Run
- Heroic: Nefarian Guild Run
- Heroic: Al'Akir Guild Run
- Heroic: Sinestra Guild Run
- Heroic: Deathwing Guild Run


- Heart of Fear Guild Run
- Terrace of Endless Spring Guild Run
- Salyis's Warband Guild Run
- Sha of Anger Guild Run
- Nalak Guild Run
- Oondasta Guild Run
- Throne of Thunder Guild Run
- Siege of Orgrimmar Guild Run

And potentially more :)
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Great time had by all!

We've knocked out Cataclysm, now it's on to Pandaria!

In attendance:
- Auggy
- Trinity
- Shadra
- Thorandor
- Zanzubo
- Guntharr
- Gongli