Group Calendar, The Forgiven, The SGA, and You.


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As most of you know, The Forgiven uses the Group Calendar mod for scheduling raids and other events:

In addition, the SGA (Small Guild Alliance) is using this mod as well to schedule Heroic Raid Events (25 man content). I'd like to post a few bullets surrounding Group Calendar events and YOU:

  • Per most Raid Leader policies, signing up does not guarantee you a spot. This is particularly the case in Atavus' SGA runs. For those runs you will be listed as "standby" until the raid leader confirms you. (FYI - I am considering moving to a similar format.)
  • Please ask an officer or me what the SGA Shared Channel info is if you would like the ability to view their events. You can assume that 95% of them will be for "geared" lvl 80 players.
  • Be aware that if you are on the "Shared Channel" setup in Group Calendar any events that you create will be viewable by anyone in the SGA. There is one way to prevent this. In the event tab, there is a box you can check "For Forgiven Members Only." That will ensure only Forgiven Guildies can see it and not the rest of the SGA.
If you need assistance with your group calendar set-up or have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to help.


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Hi Bob:

Can you let me know what the SGA shared channel info is for GroupCalendar? You can either PM me or send it to me via e-mail. Thanks!