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Welcome to Warframe Chapter Forums!

In Warframe, you are a space ninja warrior who just woke up after centuries of slumber. With Lotus as your guide, you reawaken and fight enemies from different factions that threaten the Solar System. Pick up your guns and blades, and dare to bullet jump through your missions! Go further down the rabbit hole, and you'll soon discover who you really are...

I am Soulivium, a Rank 24 Warframe PC player as well as the founder/warlord of the Heralds of the Sanctuary clan. Join me and a handful of folks to experience Warframe's ambitious story, unique world, and good old fashioned third-person farming shooting and slashing!

I'm usually on Warframe almost every night somewhere between the hours of 9pm to 11:59pm CST.

If you are a new player who's just starting out, feel free to hit me up in CGA's Discord chat (same alias: Soulivium) and let's go!


Tribe of Judah Warframe Chapter Leader
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Hi all! May 19, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary for CGA, yaaay~! :D

To celebrate, I will be hosting CGA's Warfarme (PC) chapter celebration event. Here are the deets (subject to changes)!

When: May 24-26
What time: 8pm-11:59pm CST on each night; feel free to come and go as you please!

Itinerary for each night:
  1. In general, our time will be spent fighting bosses (assassination missions); feel free to vote which boss you want to fight, and taxi is available. We may also spend some time farming Void Defense missions for XP as well as getting void relics.
  2. At 9pm CST, we'll do a raffle of a randomized set of 3 unranked rare mods. The set of 3 mods and the raffle winner will be determined via Random Number generator.
  3. At around 11pm CST, we'll do a parkour contest at my clan dojo. Whoever clears the obstacle course the fastest will win a Prime Warframe set. 2nd place winner will receive a Prime weapon set.
  4. At 11:59pm CST, we will end each night with a raffle for 100 platinum. Raffle winner will be picked via Random Number generator.
Quick rules so that everyone has a chance to win something (if we have a large amount of people participating):
  • General rule of thumb: a player can only win 1 unique contest once per the entire 3-night event.
  • For example: if a player wins the rare mods raffle on Night 1, he cannot participate on any more rare mod raffles for Night 2 and Night 3. However, a player can win both the rare mods raffle AND the platinum raffle either on the same night or on different nights but no more after that.
  • For the obstacle course prizes, the rules apply the same as well. If Player A won 1st place and Player B won 2nd place, they cannot participate the obstacle course again for the rest of the event. However, they can still participate in the raffles provided that they haven't won in either of them.
  • Thus, it's possible for a single player to win all 3 contests in 1 night, but then he wouldn't win any more prizes for the rest of the event.
Prizes may include:
  • Available unranked Rare mods: Natural Talent, Quick Thinking, Rage, Vigor, Armored Agility, Condition Overload, Gaia's Tragedy, Tempo Royale, Flow, Streamline, Life Strike
  • Available Prime Warframe sets: Ash Prime, Mirage Prime, Zephyr Prime, Trinity Prime
  • Available Prime weapon sets: Hikou Prime, Dakra Prime, Fragor Prime, Lex Prime, Tigris Prime, Galatine Prime
  • Available Platinum: 300 platinum total
Again, please note that the details are subject to changes depending on availability and pending schedule. I will confirm/finalize the details on May 23. Stay tuned!

PS: It's past 2am, and my brain is fried. Sorry if I have some errors in here; I'll fix it later. @_@
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