Forum Prayer Requests


I know that many more people pray for those who post prayer requests than those who post a response. Maybe we should post a response in the forums as an encouragement to those who post the request. Many of the responses that Marcy has posted have been so uplifting. I think we should be doing more to support those who are asking for prayer.

Gen, I would encourage any and all people to post if they feel led to by God. I do not reply to all of any subject including prayers just those that I feel that God tells my heart to reply. Even with my own requests I know that many are praying but may not have that special gift that Marcy has that touches soo many of us. I personally appreciate the few heartfelt prayers then some just posting to post. In addition I think many people send private messages and emails and talk in game with people etc. Again not saying we shouldnt post but that to let God lead you to when its one that touches your heart more. Just my opinion. Blessings,"Angel"