[First official game - SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23 at 7:30 PM EST!]


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Tis the season for vaporizing commies! It's time to gear up for our first official TS game, planned for Sunday December 23. The previous Sunday, December 16, we'll have character creation via teamspeak starting around 9PM EST. If you can't make it then and don't already have a character sheet completed, please plan to log in on December 23 by 7:30 PM. At 8 PM the game will start, and only players with completed character sheets will be able to remain in the TS channel to play. So it's important to get this done in advance of the game if possible! Instructions for downloading character sheet and instruction PDFs are stickied in this forum. Contact me via PM with any questions.

Paul, aka High Programmer Dorkelf
I wont be able to make it (youth Christmas party). But i already have a character... so i think im good, other than that i can alway do the game part on the forums or log on TS another time.. Have fun tho! Cant wait!!
I have my character created...though Im at the college (slightly suicidal) due to lackage of internet from giant snow-storm up here...so alas..I wont' be able to make it..i would think that we should start something here, as to allow those of use with...unfortunate circumstances to still participate more actively, maybe just a rundown of what went on during the TS session?
Mirawyn called and said they are running late because church took longer than they planned, so it might be a little later before they get online.
We got Ishy's character sheet finished. So far she, STC and Mirawyn have completed character sheets. If anyone else is planning on playing this Sunday night, they'll need to log in before the 8PM start time so we can complete the character sheets.

I want to stress that THERE WILL BE A GAME SESSION on Sunday. If you can't show up for it, don't worry - this game is designed so that you can miss sessions when you need to. But if you do show up, you WILL be able to play as long as you've completed your character sheet before the 8PM start time.

Well, I'm going to shoot for a game again this Sunday night.

[HP Dorkelf - HAHA, shoot, that's funny.]

Shut up, I'm not trying to be funny. And you're not supposed to be involved in out-of-game conversations, Mister Thinks-He's-The-Master-Of-All-Space-And-Time.

[HP Dorkelf - I don't think I'm the master of all space and time. I'm simply a humble servant of The Computer. And horribly misunderstood, it would seem.]

I'm not talking to you anymore.

[HP Dorkelf - Yes you are.]

No I'm not.

[HP Dorkelf- Yes you are, you did just now.]

But I'm not, anymore.

[HP Dorkelf- Are too.]


[HP Dorkelf- Are too.]

Not Not Not.

[HP Dorkelf- Are too, times infinity]

Are not, times infinity plus infinity.

[HP Dorkelf- You can't add infinity to infinity, silly uneducated person.]

Yes you can.

[HP Dorkelf- Not.]

Shut up.

[HP Dorkelf- Look, I'm doing you a favor here.]

How so?

[HP Dorkelf- They all understand now.]

Understand what?

[HP Dorkelf- That you talk to yourself.]

No, I don't.

[HP Dorkelf- And that you need other people to log in on Sunday nights so that you have someone else to make up stories with. So that you don't go completely cuckoo banannas.]

Yea right. You're one to talk about cuckoo banannas. Now go away.

[HP Dorkelf- Very well. One quick question - do you know what we do with people who we banish from Alpha Complex?]


[HP Dorkelf- We transmogrify them into cats. And drop them off in your neighborhood.]

Explains a lot.
AJ-R-MBT-42 Reporting sir,
Due to recent events, one such including an attempted commie ambush, I have had to report as absent for several day-cycles. I shall be hoping to report on the upcoming seventh day-cycle, at the 19/19.5th hour-cycle. Fear not, as I am not severely injured, yet compelled to report a collateral damage of 4 commies, 2 vehicles, and half of a warehouse in the process of escaping the commie attack. Perhaps firing upon large barrels marked "flammable" was not the wisest idea.

Please forgive my absence and brash actions, Friend Computer

[Edit, just becuase the char sheet says "happiness is mandatory"...]

Slightly aside, the sight of the fire did make me feel all warm and fuzzy...perhaps it was that plus the shrapnel puncture wounds...
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