First Character - What Kind of Build Are You Planning on Using?


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So we're coming down the launch of Guild Wars 2. We've seen some changes to the professions from each beta and even the last stress test. And that means we're fast approaching 'decision time.' One of the great joys about Guild Wars 2 is the varied number of weapons (and their respective skills) that can be used with a profession. This can lead to some unique combinations.

For example, we've had several people express interest in playing a warrior. But will they be a two-handed warrior (such as a greatsword or hammer) or will they go for some defensive ability (such as a sword and shield) or perhaps a dual-wielding warrior (such as a mace and axe) or will they play a ranged warrior (such as with a rifle or longbow)? There are many different ways to play each profession.

So what kind of profession/race will you start with? And more specifically, what kind of build will you be using? (if you don't have your build worked out, just tell us what "kind" of profession you'd like to start off with).

PS: And for those of you interested in build design, this site:
has the current skills updated to reflect the most recent changes made during the last stress test on August 2.


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Engineer using dual pistols with a focus on Conditions (Bleed/Burning/Vuln. on crit) and using gadgets on the belt as well as the Medkit for group heals. Wasn't crazy about elixirs or turrets as of BWE3.

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Somehow I figured that, Shamgar. My desire as well. Haven't decided on ax or hammer yet.


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Human Guardian. Build? A heavy defense and tanking/healing and support build. One where i'm unstoppable and can help my teamates win the game.

My thief on the other hand, going a heavy crit build, big numbers.


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Ranger is for sure going to be first, and I think I would like to explore dual axes a little more. Or axe and war horn.

edit: Torch off hand could be fun too.
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I think.....
Dagger-Pistol, Pistol-Pistol atm
Heavy on Condition, Crits
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I had originally wanted to play a minion necro, but its not really an option without some sort of health regen for minions (out of combat of course) since their cd doesnt start until they die. tried it in the last beta and going into combat with all my minions almost dead, getting one shot, and then being left with half my skill bar on cd right off the bat :(

So. Ill either be playing an elementalist, most likely staff, or a thief with dagger/pistol.


Well, Klaatu was/is A Charr Guardian, Bick was/is A Human Warrior.. and Jabez is a Asura Mesmer who I had so much fun with in the past 2 Stress tests!

Really does not matter the race, however, I see a few differences in what is chosen in your path direction.

either this or that, have fun!!! Enjoyment is with the people you have that fun with!

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Human or Norn Dagger/Shortbow Thief for main toon.
--- Norn Rifle Engineer alt
--- Norn Longbow Ranger alt

Elementalist is pretty fun in PvP also.

Liking the Norn very much for their tattoo options and the Nordic atmosphere of their zones


My main will be an Asuran Necromancer, built around Bleed damage and duration.

Weapon Set 1: Scepter + Dagger (For soloing)
Weapon Set 2: Staff (AoE Support for party)

1714 Condition damage.
Critical chance 58%.

Criticals have a 66% to cause Bleeding.
5% chance to cause bleeding for 10s when hit. (cooldown: 5s)
55% increased Bleeding duration, with Scepter & Dagger. (45% with Staff)

Staff skills recharge 20% faster.
Increases area of Marks and Marks become unblockable. (Staff has 4 Mark skills.)
Leave a Mark of Blood when I dodge.
I cast Enfeebling Blood when entering Death Shroud.

Just for example of health, at level 80 my Necro has about 20,000.
If the math was done correctly the Bleed dps should be 441, Not including skill damage or the 55% duration increase, just the condition damage + level of my character.
Grasping Dead, 5sec=2,205
Blood Curse, 7sec=3,087
Enfeebling Blood, 10sec=4,410
Mark of Blood, 3 Stacks of 8sec=10,584
Blood is Power, 2 Stacks of 30sec=26,460

EDIT: It looks like I gave too much info compared to the other posts... >.>
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