Final Roll Call for BF3


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Alright, so the game releases in 4 days. I'm looking to compile a list of everyone who will for sure be playing with ToJ.

If you don't mind, please comment on this thread and leave your name. I will edit this thread to reflect the roster changes. If you have partner preferences, please let me know, so that when game nights come up people can play with their friends IRL or on the forums. Also, if you have any vehicle strengths, post those so we can be able to have efficient pilots, gunners, etc.

I know the initial plan was to rent a server, however, in recent posts I've made, there was never a huge turn out. Depending on how many people actually plan to play with us will determine if we carry through with those plans or not. If you would like to message me and let me know if you are willing to donate if the need arises, please do not hesitate to shoot me a PM with "Server" in the subject line.

Thank you all and God Bless.

See you on the battlefield,
Preloading the game now, Origin/Battlelog name is the same. Also, if it hasn't been brought up before I favor Fridays and Saturdays for game nights, other nights are much busier for me.
Alright man. Fridays and Saturdays are my prime nights too. You will be added to the roster. I'll make a sticky on the forum head.
Friday/Saturdays work well for me, too. Counting down the days. XD

ID will be Keerosene on both Origin and Battlelog.
Hey Puddleyc, is it too late to start playing BF3 with ya'll? I really want to play with some other Christian players and wandering the public servers is not much fun. I tried to post a message on the ToJ Facebook page, but it doesn't show up for some reason.

I'm Run_N_Gun_FDM on Origin, Battlelog and Steam.


Well, since you denied my request to play with the ToJ Platoon, I guess I'm not welcome here anymore.

Take care and God bless.

Well, since you denied my request to play with the ToJ Platoon, I guess I'm not welcome here anymore.

Take care and God bless.
Unless I missed something, Puddleyc didn't deny your request. He hasn't posted on the forums for a few weeks now, so you shouldn't take his silence personally.
Hey Run N Gun. To be honest man I haven't played in a while. My brothers hop on my account though, so it's very probable they denied the platoon request. If you will resend the request I will accept it. I'm really sorry man.
Hey Puddleyc - I totally understand how real life gets in the way and I understand how this happened. Hang in there my brother, I'm praying that everything turns around quickly for you. Tek7, I was "denied", not ignored so I reacted accordingly. It is water under the bridge and we'll just move on.

Puddleyc denied your request to join ToJ/PMC. 4 days ago

Oddly enough, I applied for 4 different Christian Platoons because I really wanted to play with other Christian players and I was denied by two platoons and ignored by two. The funny thing is, I was sought out and invited by 4 different secular clans after playing on their servers. Two of the groups I would not care to publicly be associated with because I dislike their name/what they *think* they want to represent. I did join two platoons because they are an older group of players who are more mature and appreciate running/playing on a clean server. I just wanted a Christian environment to play in, but I don't think the community is ready for that. Instead, I'll play with the secular platoons and be used by God to reach those in that community who need the Lord.

I'm disappointed, but not bitter. God has a bigger plan and I'm still in the middle of the story where the ending is not so clear. As long as He is glorified, I'm on the right track.