End-Game change: 100% RVR Cities


Tribe of Judah Membership Administrator
In version 1.3.5, both Contested Altdorf and Contested Inevitable City will be receiving a massive overhaul. The endgame content for the Campaign will now be 100% RvR-driven. This write-up of changes is for you, the player, to ask questions, voice concerns, or otherwise offer any feedback that you may have on the matter.

General Information

City sieges will now be a 24 versus 24 battle.
City sieges will now last a maximum of 2 hours.
All PVE instances within the Contested city have been disabled
Defenders and Invaders will both have a chance at obtaining some of the best items available in the game, including Sovereign equipment!
As a similar direction taken with the Scenario rewards, players will be awarded for their effort at the conclusion of each stage. The winning Realm will have a PQ chest drop - those who win the roll on a PQ chest will have to make a conscious decision as to what they want from the PQ bag. All other players in both the winning and losing Realms will have Crests placed directly into his or her inventory, with the losing Realm's based upon how well they performed during the Stage.
The winning Realm of any Stage will receive a Scenario Insignia.
Players will be forcibly placed within a Warband upon entering a City instance equipped with an instance-specific chat channel. Manipulation of looting rules will be disabled.
Players will be resurrected in 30 second waves unless resurrected by another player.
A scoreboard is accessible within a Contested City by clicking on the mini-map icon. (PLEASE NOTE: This feature will not be present in 1.3.5 but is to be added in a later version)
Players present at the conclusion of any Stage within the Contested City will have a reward lockout timer applied to their character. This reward lockout timer will force a character to opt out of PQ loot for that specific Stage for the duration of the timer. You are still able to participate in a Contested City battle even if you have a reward lockout applied to your character and will be rewarded with spoils in the form of Crests in lieu of standard rewards.
Players exiting the Contested City after the setup phase will have all three Stages' reward lockout timers applied to their character. This is to discourage players from leaving a Contested City battle mid-way through if it appears his or her Realm is going to lose.
Players will respawn at the nearest point that is controlled by their Realm during Stages 1 & 2 unless the closest point in the initial entrance location.