Educational Paladin pvp videos


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Since I'm obsessed with making videos, this thread is gonna be a bunch of posts of pvp videos where I discuss different tactics and common mistakes in fighting various other classes when playing a paladin.

First off, the all-hated all-supposed-overpowered Shaman. This video is me taking on a full epic-geard shaman and *almost* taking him down, but a fatal mistake at the end lost me the fight. This one I'm actually pretty angry at; I made soooo many mistakes, and when I still almost had it I blew it.

11 megabytes, 3 minutes long.;4989461;;/fileinfo.html

By the way...what was that thing that restored 40% of his health and mana at the end? Didn't look like a potion cuz he drank one right after he popped that.

Other class videos will come in time.
there are some consumables that return hp that don't share same cooldown as a he most likely used that.
I hate that. Well, i popped a potion too, so I guess its still even :(

Yeah filefront seems a bit weird these days; if you press the link just close the window and retry a few times it should work.