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Hey guys.. I joined just a while ago, but now I'm confused, cuz when I joined, I thought this was an online Christian gamers "Alliance" now when I see that you guys support Diablo game I'm really getting confused... So for the decision of staying or moving onto another board.. Would someone please be so kind in telling me if there are non-christians as well, and thats why this game is supported.. or Just only cuz is a game.. but hello is coming directly from hell lol.. don't know why you guys support this type of game.. which directly declares and states that you deal with forces of such darkness..

Someone please be so kind to explain this to me.

Best Regards for the information

Hi Joel,

Welcome to the forums!

I'm the StarCraft II chapter leader in ToJ (which is a group within the Alliance), and I'm one of the members who plays Diablo III.

As far as I know, no group within CGA officially supports any of the Diablo franchise (e.g. you don't see any forums, website, or teamspeak channels for the game), largely because CGA has some of the same reservations you have. However, some CGA members, who are also Christian, do play Diablo III. For me personally, I do not have an issue with Diablo III. I did when I was younger, but I do not anymore; I realize that it's a fictional universe and is not based on the scriptural account of, well, anything. With that said, I also do not have any issues with anyone who has reservations about the game, because I understand that everyone comes from a different background, and is at different stages in their life, faith, and opinion.

I would recommend to you to stick around CGA and try to learn from some of its members. We have a lot of what I would deem wise people here, and many of these people have helped me in my maturity as a Christian. If you decide to keep looking then I wish you the best and I hope you find a community that you feel a belonging to!
As far as I know, no group within CGA officially supports any of the Diablo franchise (e.g. you don't see any forums, website, or teamspeak channels for the game), largely because CGA has some of the same reservations you have. However, some CGA members, who are also Christian, do play Diablo III.
That is correct!

Some people feel convicted not to play Diablo III; others do not. No CGA group shows any official "support" for the game, but we do have a single thread to help those who feel at liberty to play D3 to exchange BattleTags and play together.

On a personal note, I don't play Diablo III for a few reasons:

My positions as President of the Christian Gamers Alliance and President of Tribe of Judah. I feel purchasing and playing the game could present a stumbling block for those who want to play the game but feel convicted to not do so.

The price tag. After StarCraft II, I decided not to spend $60 on a game again, ever. I already have too many games in my backlog and enough great multiplayer games to justify spending $60 on any new game.

Post-launch reactions from the community. I regularly read news from Joystiq and Gamasutra (two very different styles of reporting) and gathered from articles following Diablo III's release that the launch was, well, a mess. I've seen very little in the way of positive comments in the months following to change my opinion of the game.

Real money auction house. I do not want to financially support this type of practice, especially when it appears (though, since I don't play the game, I can't confirm) that the game is designed in such a way to push players toward the RMAH.

Please don't misunderstand me; I'm confident that many find the game fun. Blizzard remains one of the top PC game developers in the industry and there are good reasons why their franchises have remained so popular. (And I'm still holding out hope for a Lost Vikings III. :D)

But for me, I choose not to spend my money on Diablo III.
EDIT: Ugh, I meant "races" instead of profession or class. Don't tell me I'm getting tired already? :O Please come out @ midnight (EST) GW2!

I don't see any issues with Diablo 3 as game for Christians. You battle demons in this game, what's better than that? ;) It's actually a game revolving around saving the world from demonic powers. (Diablo 2 actually bothered me more with its stupid spinning pentagrams when you hit escape for the options)

I had more a problem with GW2. In Guild Wars 2 every profession or class has a "god" or "gods" that your character basically worships and you must select which god you want your character to be "blessed" by-- except for the Charr. This is why I will play Charr and only Charr characters. This how I rationalized it to myself anyhow. If not for the Charr, I do not think I buy the game TBH. (I do realize in the backstory of the Charr there were Charr's that worshipped gods and delved into magic, etc)

Most importantly, these are just games. I have a problem with games that include god worship or put into the game realistic sorcery that your character must be involved in, perhaps like D&D. But making a Wizard on Diablo 3 and shooting arcane missles or what have you... I don't see an issue but it is up to the Christian to decide. To echo previous posters, if you feel convicted about playing a game or not, let your conscious dictate what you play. Also, if you wish to discuss any reasons why or why not to play games like Diablo, or World of Warcraft, etc... I'd be happy to hear them. Not sure if others would be, but, I'm curious to hear objections.
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It appears (though, since I don't play the game, I can't confirm) that the game is designed in such a way to push players toward the RMAH.

Not really. The game does push towards using the Gold AH if you want to stay current with your friends. But I've never felt a need to use the RMAH. I suspect that the only players who do so are either 1) truly impatient or 2) super hard-core.

I suspect that, like in Diablo II's clandestine real money exchanges, the RMAH will become more popular years down the road from release.
At the expense of THREAD UNDEADIFICATION, I've finally booted up D3 again to continue working my way through the story. Just finished Act II.

This game... this game! I love the characters. They're great. I've been running my Wizard with Templar assist, and I really like his story and interaction. Also really like Haedrig the blacksmith. Looking forward to playing other characters with the other companions.

Oh... and Covetous Shen cracks me up. lol

Having played a little bit of Path of Exile, Torchlight, and unnamed betas with Diablo-like design, I still find Diablo the most enjoyable. PoE has some mechanics I like more even if they're lifted out of Final Fantasy VII and X. Torchlight is fun and lacks a bit of Diablo's thematic issues. Other games have their merits. But, when all is said and done, I find this game the most compelling and (ugh... using the same key word twice in a paragraph here... still tired) enjoyable experience of the lot.

Yup. That is all.
I didn't play the others but I do find D3 highly enjoyable. We need to meet up sometime Kendrik and play through!
Agreed! I'm still finishing my first run of the story, and I prefer to solo that since it allows me to explore and enjoy at my own pace. But! I'm making good strides on it, and I'd love to play together after my initial finishing of the campaign! :D

On a related note, I've made a new D3 friend who did a little browsing of CGA in hope of finding active D3 players to play with. He hasn't created a CGA account yet, but I'll be playing with him, too. It'd be even more awesome if we can get a four-man group taking on the forces of the Burning Hells at some point. :)

...especially with the new patch coming out increasing item find for each person in your party among other things. Now, if you'll excuse me, Azmodan needs to pay for his evil.
So! Finished my first run of the campaign. Ended up liking it a lot more than I expected. Final boss took me a couple tries, though, glass cannon that I am. Now I get to move on to harder difficulties and better loot grinds without worrying about making sure I get all the story stuff. :D
Now it's time to play it right, hardcore!!!!
I like your style.

...but hardcore horrifies me. I would /so/ overgrind for loot and experience before going into any area out of fear of death. lol Can't deny that hardcore sounds awesome, though.

And it's crazy how much harder enemies are in Nightmare. Skeleton King put up quite the fight (or, at least, wouldn't die nearly as quickly as I hoped). I like it.
Dude, seriously. Play hardcore with us. It's insanely funner more a lot.
Necro post! Perhaps appropriate considering the game?

Anyways, I just picked this up since it went on sale for $20, and wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for me, or even still plays? I'm pretty noob right now, still trying to work out how stats balance (weapon damage seems more important than intellect for my wizard, and this goes against everything WoW taught me). Anyways, if there is a Diablo III community still around, I'd enjoy hanging with some folks.
Yeah join our clan dude! We had up to 22 members online last night. We are a mix of ToJ, LoJ, and SOLA peeps. add ewoksrule#1113

You can ask all the questions you want in clan chat.
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I was a fan of D3 even before 2.0 happened, but the game is downright awesome now, and Reaper of Souls is no joke. Loving the heck of it. Add me, too! :D Kendrik#1439 Link is in my signature, too. :D