Destruction outing


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A few of us did some adventuring on the Destruction side last night (Badlands server, Fismits guild for those who don't know)

I used to play Destruction before I found out about Redeemed, so it was fun dusting off the old characters. It would be fun to do that more often. My question is, what would be a good way to communicate or find people?

Any thoughts?

If anyone feels like playing Destruction, I have a variety of characters from T1 up to a level 30 shaman.
If you're talking about recruiting for the guild , The official forums and warhammer alliance forums are often visited , But I don't know what kind of respnse you'll get given were a christian guild .

Funny you ask that thugh cause me and keero were thinking about ways to boost recruitment for the order guild on iron rock , As for me laying destro i' never liked destro to be honest , But I would roll over there if the guild grew .

What can I say I like playing the good guys often lol .
Not recruiting necessarily...I'm just talking about letting current members know when someone is going to be lurking on the destruction side. There don't seem to be many people who use the chat servers, so that method won't work well. I haven't seen anybody else on when I've logged in there.

I still prefer order myself, but it's fun to play on the other side from time to time. :)
Some background:
For the most part, Redeemed is an order based guild. We had a destro guild on Dark Craag before but Dark Craag is no longer active. However, an alliance guild called the Lions of Judah had a destruction guild on the Badlands and Redeemed has basically taken it over. Both Redeemed and the Lions created the destro guilds with the purpose of taking a break from order and hanging out on the 'other side'.

As far as guild recruiting, should people take an active interest, would be primarily on Iron Rock. If the guild continues to grow like it has been doing lately, and there is enough consistent destro interest, we can change things but our guild is still too small to be separating up players.

Jan, that was a lot of fun to play our destro chars! I'd like to do it again soon. In terms of coordinating destro hang outs, you can try using the calendar feature in the guild. Also, you can let me know each time you schedule an event and I can change the guild message of the day to point people to the calendar as well as spam guild chat to remind players about it.

Please let me know if there is growing interest for any consistent events such as RvR or scenario groups. If there is enough demand, we can think about assigning an officer in charge of activities. We don't have enough 40s in the guild for pve raiding but we can consider that as players start wearing their Annihilator gear.