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Many clans have either left, changed into another game or most likely have joined with another clan.

MoG; Men of God; www.menofgod.us
They used to play/own a Counter-Strike server, now they don't.
Last time I saw them, they were split up when other MoG members joined other clans; which I think is a policy of a MoG members clan only.

CG; Christian Gamers; www.christiangamers.org
They used to play Diablo 2/Expansion, now they play Warcraft 3/WoW.
They used to be allied with FKoC; Faithful Knights of Christ, it died due to inactive people/members. (Or something related)

So, most likely, [cTs] has either joined/made another clan or moved into a different game.


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that's too bad they were pretty big... I think I remember seeing like 2-4 different teams that they had.


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Yeah, and they used to have something like 10 different servers, including CS, DOD, private cs. Most were public cs though.


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Unfortunately due to some issues that came up cTs was dissolved.

However, several of us former cTs members have started a new clan and thanks to the former leaders of cTs, we have been able to take over the former cTs servers, so they're still there...although we no longer have 10 of them :)

The new clan we have started is |CoR| City of Refuge come check us out!


We're currently running the following servers (is posting the IPs ok?)

CS 1.6 - 2 servers
DoD 1.3 - 2 servers
CS-S - 1 server
DOD-S - 1 server
NS - 1 server
BF2 - 1 server

We have some friends, also ex-cTsers who have started another Christian clan:


|CoR| Deacon


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Here are the current IPs. The lineup may end up changing here in the near future, but, Lord willing, we will keep a good number of high quality gaming servers on line for the forseable future...

|CoR| City of Refuge CS:S #1
|CoR| City of Refuge WC3 #1, Saved XP
|CoR| City of Refuge Fun Maps
|CoR| City of Refuge DOD:S #1, FF on
|CoR| City of Refuge DOD #1
|CoR| City of Refuge DOD #2, FF on
|CoR| City of Refuge NS #1
|CoR| City of Refuge BF2 (Ranked)

Thanks and come on by!

|CoR| Deacon

[cTs] Lamb

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Hey there!

I used to be part of Christian Team Servers *DoG*. I don't even know if anyone is going to read this...but I just want to know if someone is out there from [cTs] Day of Defeat sub clans...this was a very staple of my childhood. This was my entry point into gaming at the age of 12. I am now 33 years old and look back and remember all the players I gamed with. It was my second family growing up in an unhealthy home. It was my escape. Sometimes I wonder if you think of me and share the same memories, not knowing where anyone is and what they are doing, but at one point our lives intersected and we shared the love of day of defeat together, in its prime.

Thanks to all of you for making these memories of mine special, and wherever you are today, I will remember you fondly. I don't remember all names but do remember...

[cTs] Alpocalypse
[cTs] Samurai

I went through a few name changes but...farewell <3

[cTs] Assassin_ov_perfektion (cringe)
[cTs] Lamb