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Officer SOE/LoE/Where's "here"?
She is now an 80 and ready to take on any new content thrown her way. She is also anxious to finish her story line, hint, hint, hint. And story line on all dungeons, none of them done yet. Also she needs to drag a mesmer with her for mapping purposes. All advice on armour or weapons for a Ranger will be welcome. Just a note on that, money is still tight, so don't say she needs to buy a gazillion gold elite piece of armour. Function over form just as with her great, great, great grandmother Ursina Cristeen in Guild Wars.
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Congrats, look me up for help. Half the time I'm more bored than anything else - not because of lack of content, but lack of enthusiasm. I need all story modes except AC and CM too.

As far as getting your equipment up to date, begin by going 100% level 80 rares. They should only cost 15-30s each so it is something you can invest in over time. I would also suggest doing 100% map completion on the higher level zones for the rare materials they give you. If you want to make getting your exotics cheaper, that is a good way to do it. 40 gossamer in a chunk is nice :) Also, buy a master salvage kit and begin salvaging the level 74+ rares you find for ectos - you'll need them for exotics too. If you figure out what you need and begin getting the mats, I can make you the armor. I can also do your ranged weapons, but not melee ... yet ;)

On the topic of master salvage kits, if you have 3 mystic forge stones, you can turn a master salvage kit into a mystic salvage kit which is the same thing, but with 250 charges. This makes them much more money efficient with less than 15c per charge rather than 60c per charge when buying them straight. Still though, you really only want to use them on rares for ectos since you get mystic forge stones from either the gem store or your daily achievement. (Green, Blue, Yellow salvage kits + 3 mystic forge stones)
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My mesmer needs AC story mode too
so if im on (and not afk doing housework while the wife is working)
I'd be glad to join you


Officer SOE/LoE/Where's "here"?
Koeril I tried your salvage kit recipe and it won't accept it. It won't take the 3 stones, only 2.