So, crafting is one of the things I've been excited about trying, but so far I haven't gotten anything to work. Any tips?

I'm trying to create bronze ingots at a weaponsmithing station. I have both copper and tin in my inventory, about 20 of each but when I click on the crafting station neither show up on my screen as possible components to craft with.
There is no tool required to craft.

When you first open up the crafting station, it automatically starts you on the discovery pane. On the left hand side, there should be two symbols in the black border (a bowl and a bulleted list). Click on the bulleted list and that is a list of all of the items you currently know how to craft. Once you get above about a 10 crafting skill, try using the discovery pane to create new things with the different pieces you can craft.

I was excited about crafting, too. =)

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Did you get it worked out Raven? I concentrated on trying to decide on a profession but was very tempted to try out the crafting.

I played a little with crafting. I couldn't figure out what was needed to gather resources. It said I needed a tool for foods, but I never did find that on the NPCs.

But yes, once you choose a profession, you just have to be at a crafting station and when you click on it, then click on the second little icon on the left, all your known recipes are listed. And as Melinarlia said, once you get to 10, you have to start experimenting to find all the recipes (though I'm sure we'll be able to find them online after a bit of uptime).
The only "tool" that I was using during all the crafting I did (which was probably 25-35% of my time in the beta) was the salvage kits. Those are needed to breakdown weapons/armor to get cloth/leather/ore scraps that you then turn into bolts/refined leather/bars or ingots to do your crafting. Surprisingly, I didn't touch cooking so I'm not sure what is needed there. I was playing around with tailoring and artificing on my elementalist.

Why does my affinity towards crafting in real life get translated into my characters?!?! Bah!
They were pretty decent. I couldn't wear most of the items I could make because I wasn't leveling that much, but once I hit that level, they were definitely upgrades from what I was wearing. I'm sure the stuff that you'd be able to craft later would be worth it.
I did tailoring and artificing too. I made an 8 slot bag and a scepter. I had to go out and gather more jute scraps or something (I forget). I liked that I could buy what I needed on the broker and that the trading station was right upstairs to go pick it all up.