Congrats LoE...Guild Rush is queued!


Legacy of Elijah Guild Leader
We just hit 80 merits and another 50k Guild Rush is now queued. It will be finished building at about 10pm EDT next Saturday, April 6.
Just checking so I can plan for this weekend, are we on for guild events on Saturday night?
No clue...I can't commit to hosting anything as I'm visiting some friends and we'll likely be doing board games. If someone else wants to queue up a rush and pay the extra influence to instantly unlock, more power to them. Be aware that 10pm EDT is when the unlock finishes.
What are the two guild events we already have unlocked? Bounties...and....?

Whatever the other one was, it seemed like we ripped right through the one we did the other night, finding 10 locations or so with plenty of time to spare. Seems like those are a nice easy way to get everyone working together, learning how to use Dulfy, enhancing communication (who's taking which point? who needs help?), etc. Might be a good idea to run those before a tier2/3 bounty.

And what's a Rush, anyway?
Trek. Great idea to do that first...always feel like few are looking at bounty paths. Rush is where guildies get transformed into animals and you have to make it through an obstacle course...looks to be the most fun yet.