College decisions prayer request


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Hey yall,

I've been a bit inactive as of late. I've had some real busy times with college apps, interviews, and now decisions. I was hoping things would be clear cut by this point, but after being put on a waiting list or two, things are looking to be a bit more muddy than I wanted them to be.

I would like prayer for clear guidance on which school to pick. I have three or four schools that I'll be choosing from, all have advantages and disadvantages and will need real guidance choosing. One is hinged upon getting into a leadership program sponsored by a large Christian organization (I'm on a waiting list). Two schools are mostly christian, and the other two are local and not christian.
I'd prefer to go the Christian route if possible.

Thank you all very much!

Do not discount the non-Christian schools though. Though not a college decision, I had to choose whether to continue to pay a lot of money for a Christian education for my kids or to put them in the public school system. In the end I was at peace because their walk in faith is most heavily weighing upon my shoulders not the schools. But also, I saw it as a good opportunity to bear witness to some non-believers.
I'm late to the thread, but I'm praying! :)
Well to update, still down to two schools. Deposited at one, and am able to get in should I get pulled off the waiting list in the other. Thanks for your prayers!
God will bless you either way! It's his goal and his promise, so don't stress :)
Lord, make Joshinator's paths straight. Whatever that means ;)