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@Ember and I are beginning Clean-cation 2018 today.

We've both taken time off work to focus on cleaning and organizing our house. (Before anyone dares to ask if such extreme measures are necessary, please remember that we both work outside the home and we have 2 young children.)

Please pray as led by the Holy Spirit, of course, but I also ask that you pray for strength, energy, and wisdom regarding how we use our time.

Ultimately, our desire is to have a home we enjoy being in as well as a place where we can have guests over. As cluttered as it is, we recognize our home, as well as our jobs, are provisions given by God and we want our home, along with the rest of our lives, to glorify Him. That's hard to do when one's home is a mess. :|

@The Mighty Gerbil If you could relay this prayer request to the TF2sday regulars this week (because there's very little chance I'll be attending tomorrow night), I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, fam! :)