Christian Gamers Alliance call for donations for 2013 expenses [UPDATE: We did it!]


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I've posted the call for donations to cover the Christian Gamers Alliance's expenses (including the hosting for the dedicated servers on which these forums are hosted):
It's that time again!

I haven't yet checked our PayPal account to see how much we currently have available or how much more we'll need to pay our yearly dedicated server hosting invoice, but I wanted to post this while I was thinking of it and had an opportunity.

As always, information on supporting the CGA financially is available in the Support the Christian Gamers Alliance thread.

If you have some extra funds after paying bills and tithing to your local church, please consider donating to keep our community online!

I won't guarantee that God will bless you either financially or otherwise for donating (that's up to Him, not me), but I can guarantee that it costs money to rent the dedicated server on which our forums are hosted and that every donation is greatly appreciated! :)
Total due is $420.00 USD and is due Monday, July 15. We currently have $118.76 USD in our PayPal account, which means we need $301.24 USD in two and a half weeks to pay the invoice.

EDIT: I typically only post calls for donations once a year, so if you're new to the community, rest assured that this is a rare event. I make a point never to "rattle a tin cup," but instead clearly state how much we need, why we need it, and when we need it by. The how and when are covered in this post; the Support the Christian Gamers Alliance thread explains the "why" in greater detail.
Source: Call for donations for 2013 expenses

UPDATE: Our current PayPal balance is $199.64 USD, meaning we still have to raise $220.36 USD in 2 days.

Every little bit helps, so please prayerfully consider donating today. If 44 people gave $5 each (and one of those folks pitched in an extra $0.36 :)), we'd meet our goal


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UPDATE: Our PayPal account now stands at $287.68 USD plus a pending $20 eCheck expected to clear on Wednesday (July 17). That leaves us only $112.32 USD left to raise! We can do it! :D


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I am very VERY pleased to announce that we met our goal (and actually exceeded it by $17.28 USD) tonight. We received two donations in the last few hours that put us over our goal.

The invoice has been paid and we are online and good to go for another year!

A HUMONGOUS "Thank you!" to everyone who donated. Without your donations, we would not be able to remain online.

Yes, I'm a little giddy from meeting our goal, but even if I weren't, I'd still be honored to lead such an amazing community. :)