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Hello everyone I go by fuzzyspartan and i am and avid watcher of twitch gaming streams. Im sure a lot of you know what this is but for those of you who do not, you go there to watch people play video games. I have been playing video hames my whole life and i have been a follower of Christ for just as long. While watching a streamer one day I realized that there are no Christ centered twtich streams. This is what i want to make. I want a place where other Christians can come and speak freely about Christ without fear of prosecution, also I want it to be a place where everyone can come and experience the love of Christ from us as Christians. Where we would accept everyone without judgement and over time show others the way through Chirst by shairing his love for everyone. I have a twitter where you can contact me at @Spartanfuzzy. Also you can follow me on twitch at If you have any questions I will be back on here to answer them to the best of my ability.

Thank you for reading all of that,
God Bless
Hi and welcome to our forums always good to see an alternative to the morals of secular entertainment :) .
What games will you/would you/do you play on your Twitch stream @fuzzyspartan?
When I get my pc, long story but I will have it soon, I will be playing the division and overwatch when it comes out. I will also stream dark souls 3 when I get it for ps4, less hackers. Another battle royal game called the culling also interestes me. I know that another ubisoft game called for honor should be coming out this year which is another game I want to stream. Those are a few games I have seen that looked to be great streaming games. Can really interact with the chat and make teams in most of the games with people in chat. Also I am very willing to take suggestions from caht about games they would enjoy to watch. Thank you for you question.
I'd be willing to watch live Overwatch gameplay for sure. It would help me decide whether or not it's worth the cash money.
Hello everyone, here is an update on the stream. I have my computer and the stream is ready to go. I have streamed a couple times to work out the bugs. Still some hiccups here and there but mostly its running smoothly. Again you can get live streaming updates on my twitter (spartanfuzzy) so you can follow me there. Also I stream on twitch (fuzzyspartan) so you can follow me there too. I hope to see all of you soon.

Good bless
Are you playing Overwatch now fuzzy?
Not yet. I know the closed beta is ending soon if not already over so the game should be out soon after. I have to double check to see the exact date. I will leave a message here to let you know when I have it. Thanks for asking me though!
Hello everyone just a little up date. I have been streaming Dark Souls 3 a lot lately, so if you enjoy that game come on into the channel and we can hang out. Overwatch comes out on May 24 and I will be getting it, so thats when that will start. I would enjoy playing both games with all of you and talking about the bible and getting different view points about different subjects. Also twitch is a place that is really neglected as a place to spread the Word. Feel free to come into the channel and say hi when I'm streaming.

God Bless